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Wednesday, Dec 10 2014 (about a year ago)
RPM "Revolver" Monster Truck Wheels (17mm Hex) (2) (StableMaxx) (Black)
I purchased four sets(16 wheels) of these wheels to replace all my 3.2" wheels with 14mm hex so I don't have to change hex adapters all the time and to use the stronger 17mm hex. I really liked the look of this wheels, they do look really great on Traxxas E-Revo, and they are quite inexpensive too. But the quality of this wheels is very bad, they brake all the time - if you hit something they will brake, if you jump they will brake. So if you don't want to use these wheels on a show car, buy something else. RPM has a okay warranty, but they require to have parts in return to have it replaced. Which for me that lives in Norway would cost me more to return it to RPM than purchase a new one.
Brandon Place
Wednesday, Dec 4 2013 (about 2 years ago)
RPM "Revolver" Monster Truck Wheels (17mm Hex) (2) (StableMaxx) (Black)
Put a set of these on my Stampede 4x4 with17mm aka adapters and trencher 2.8" tires. Had to trim the rim lip and tire to fit but its the only way to keep large tires on your Stampede with out stripping wheel hexes. A year of bashing half 4s runs with my Castle MMP 2400 combo. Finally got a thousand dollar toy that doesn't break every time I'm rough with it:)