Reviews for RPM Rear Upper & Lower A-Arms (1/16 E-Revo) (Black) [RPM80602]

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Jonathan Hoehl
Sunday, Oct 7 2012 (about 4 years ago)
RPM Rear Upper & Lower A-Arms (1/16 E-Revo) (Black)
I've used RPM arms on many of my vehicles, but these ones for the mini Revo were the first I've seen to take a permanent bend. One side I could easily flex with my fingers, while the other was more rigid. I returned these to RPM and was told that I must have been using "ridiculous weight shock oil" and the bend that I saw was from impact damage because it's "impossible to flex an RPM a-arm." I've put a lot of money into Traxxas' 1/16th platform and I don't abuse these things. Since the RPM Answerman knows more about my driving habits than I do, he can figure-out what to do with the junk they are getting back from me. I won't bother with any of RPM's products anymore. On the other hand, Traxxas makes a fantastic product and my money will stay with them.