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Matt V.
Sunday, Sep 8 2013 (about 3 years ago)
RPM Rear Bumper (Black) (Slash 4x4)
I have to say I like the stock bumper better in terms of durability. I absolutely love all my other RPM parts but this one was a letdown. While the optional mud flaps look cool, it's made of a harder plastic that the stocker and therefore breaks upon impact instead of absorbing it. I ran this bumper for a little while but after it cracked completely through in two places I went back to the stock bumper which I have on still. To be fair, I did land directly on it a couple times from 8 feet in the air on gravel, but the stocker has held up fine to a lot worse abuse than that. Spend your money on other RPM parts!
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Mar 1 2011 (about 5 years ago)
RPM Rear Bumper (Black) (Slash 4x4)
Order this as well as the RPM mud flaps & front bumper when I ordered my Slash Ultimate. Never ran my Slash with the Traxxas OEM pieces but I have no complaints about the RPM parts. Install was easy and gives a nice look. I'd recommend it!
Verified Owner
Sunday, Feb 13 2011 (about 5 years ago)
RPM Rear Bumper (Black) (Slash 4x4)
Another excellent product from RPM! I recently landed on this bumper directly after getting a good 6 feet of air off a skateboard half-pipe and came out with only a scratch. It was a hit lesser than that that broke my stock bumper, which I still consider to be quite a durable piece. In addition, this bumper provides a bit more rear body protection as it protrudes higher than stock. Definitely a good replacement!