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Sunday, Jul 17 2011 (about 5 years ago)
RPM Mini Front Bumper (Blue)
I own this bumper and I think it is a substantial improvement over the stock unit. Like the previous reviewer said, it is held on by all four screws instead of just two like the stock unit. The bumper is much larger overall and projects out further from the front of the truck - which allows for more "give" on impact. Even though it is larger, the RPM bumper still maintains a sleek profile and looks right at home on the front of my T4.1 without looking "toy-ish" or like an "add-on" as many aftermarket products do. Quality is superb, this was an inexpensive and easy upgrade for my T4.1. Love the blue color too, fits in well with the blue Factory Team parts on my truck.
Larry Ray
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Nov 9 2010 (about 5 years ago)
RPM Mini Front Bumper (Blue)
I like this bumper better than the stock one. It is alot tougher and i like the fact that it uses all four screws to hold it in.