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Cameron Bellamy
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Mar 13 2013 (about 3 years ago)
RPM Durango DESC410R Front Arm Set (Black)
I was unimpressed with these RPM arms. First off, they require some "roto-tooling" to fit properly. Otherwise, the arms are too lare on both the inner and outer sides, causing the arm to not move freely at all. After getting them installed, I was happy for a while, but after I had my first decent crash, I inspected my truck only to find that the arms did not break, HOWEVER, the plastic is so soft and "stretchy," my inner hinge pin broke inside the arm, and twisted in such a fashion that it permanently deformed the hole in which the inner hing pin runs through, ruining the arm. So although the arm itself did not break, it still allowed the hinge pin to break inside of it, and with the plastic deforming the way it did, the arm is useless anyway, and cannot be re-used (as the inner hinge pin will have no support in the are in which it deformed, and will easily break again). So, I did not break one of these arms, but the first moderate crash, that wasnt a simple corner roll-over, resulted in an internal hinge pin breaking, and the arms being unuseable. Stick with the regular durango arms.... OR Durango could fix this ENTIRE PROBLEM by using beefier inner hinge pins, and more plasic around the inner arms!!!!! I don't know how they didnt see this MAJOR problem, and fix it on one of their latest versions of the DESC410... Just my two cents...