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Richard Beard
Saturday, Jul 2 2011 (about 5 years ago)
RPM Adjustable Body Mount Set (Slash 4x4)
These things work great!!! very tough and worth the money!!
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jan 22 2011 (about 5 years ago)
RPM Adjustable Body Mount Set (Slash 4x4)
Huge waste of $20. I was excited to see RPM made adjustable body mounts for the slash, but these are a complete disappointment. Within several days, the notches that keep the clip orientation correct sheered off and now they just spin around and I have to keep readjusting them to fit the clips in. Adjustments are very limited and the spacers are easily lost. In addition, these posts don't have much material above the clip hole, and what is there seems to be softer than the stock ones, which resulted in my rear clips no longer having anything at all to clip to after several rollovers and skids. About two weeks in, the supporting arm snapped in half in the same place the stock did, but the stock one had lasted 3 months! The stock ones are holding up much better. RPM usually improves the design when they come out with a replacement part, but these are an exception. I honestly believe these are much worse than Traxxas, and at three times the price. The only thing this kit is good for is the spacers, which is a lame excuse for an adjustable body mount IMO. Stick to stock!