RotorTech 715mm "Ultimate" Flybarless Main Blade Set

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RotorTech blades are finely crafted premium carbon fiber rotor blades from Fun-Key Aeroplane Models. RotorTech blades are designed to be an all around powerful, efficient, well rounded performance oriented blade that will suite a large majority of flight styles from simple aerobatics, F3C, and extreme 3D flight. Additionally, RotorTech blades utilize a minimal amount of paint within the mold, while still providing excellent flight visibility. By using less weight on all of their blades, weight is saved on each set which offers a small boost in performance. 

Rotortech "Ultimate" Blades are a unique design concept from the owners and factory pilots at Fun-Key. Featuring 715mm of length, 65mm wide chord, a 14mm Blade Root, and an inward focused CG for excellent agility, and delayed stalled characteristics.

Width: 65mm
Root Size: 14mm
Hole Diameter: 5mm

This product was added to our catalog on February 9, 2022

Verified Owner
Sunday, Nov 20 2022 (10 months ago)
RotorTech 715mm "Ultimate" Flybarless Main Blade Set
These blades completely transformed the way my Raw 700 flies. The helicopter feels lighter, it’s definitely faster, and more stable than before. The collective is bonkers. I can fly these at 2040rpm and feel like I have all the power and authority I need, 2100+rpm and it really scoots. I’m getting longer flight times and cooler motor/esc temps. I’m not running a “big block” motor either, just an Xnova XTS 4525 530kv- and suddenly it feels like I have much more power. I had to adjust the cadence of my tictocs to match improved collective authority. I may lower the collective pitch a degree.
For a long time I didn’t consider buying these because I thought they would be too similar to regular Rotortech blades, but I was wrong…this is a completely different blade. The two just don’t compare.
I would put these blades up there with the other ($150) blades fun-key produces, just a little louder and a lot more collective punch out. You will not be disappointed with this blade.
I just wish that orange and black paint scheme would come back!
Friday, Aug 19 2022 (about a year ago)
RotorTech 715mm "Ultimate" Flybarless Main Blade Set
I got a set today, bolted them on, flew em & my mind was during all the flights I did on them.

Collective is NUTS , insane authority in all rpms I tried (1520/1720/1920) without really pulling much from the power system.

Cyclic was just as expected, efficient & fast (coming from 700U) but felt more predictive & controllable.

It was hard for me to believe how the heli was flying with so little rpm at that weight but thats basically the target of the blade's design & it clearly overachieved it.

I'm very very pleased with it and its without a doubt my currently favorite 3D blade out there. Props to Jonas, once again you blew my mind.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jul 16 2022 (about a year ago)
RotorTech 715mm "Ultimate" Flybarless Main Blade Set
The RotorTech Ultimate line of blades has been my favorite blades for over a year, and these 715mm blades are optimized for heavier 700 helicopters over 5.6Kg, when the shorter 700mm RTU blade may not be optimal. Consider paring these blades with RTU 116mm for superb performance.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Feb 23 2022 (about a year ago)
RotorTech 715mm "Ultimate" Flybarless Main Blade Set
Having now flown the RT-560-U, RT-700-U, and RT-715-U, I am impressed with what Jonas has done with the lineup of Ultimate blades for Rotortech and Fun-Key.

These blades are ridiculous with collective authority (even with my collective set only at 12 degrees). I've been flying my Tron 7.0 at around 2200-2300rpm typically with an old set of orange tip 700 ultimates, and recently went to 2000/2150 with the change to XGuard RC dampers. Generally speaking I've been impressed with the collective response on the Tron 7.0 in general, and have ran 12 degrees for the life of it as I don't feel it necessary to have more! Bolting the 715s on, I honestly prefer flying at 2000rpm for 95% of my flights - but boy does turning up the RPM make these blades even more fun and exciting if that is what you are looking for! Things progress quite linearly, both with various RPM ranges, and just the balance of cyclic and collective for a mixed style of flying.

I've always preferred a tad bit of a slower blade personally, as I am comfortable with higher rates maxing out the sticks in areas, but benefiting from the slight bit of increased stability a heaver and slower blade offers (like a RT 710 for example). These 715 ultimates free'd up cyclic a good bit, while still within my comfort zone, and have not lost faster flight high speed stability (which is again just a preference I have).

The real benefit I am seeing now is not only am I excited to go fly, but I get to have more flight time per battery pack as I do not feel the need to go into the higher headspeeds. I absolutely of course can, and as mentioned, it provides that much more of a wow factor - but that goes for any higher headspeed set up regardless of rotor blade choice!

Low RPM is not really an area of interest for me most of the time, but I decided to fly a whole pack at around 1600 rpm, and a whopping 7 minutes of flight time. If I had a bank set up for this, I'd probably prefer 1750 or 1800rpm at 12 degrees of collective, or 1700 with 13 degrees - just to get a bit more of a sudden "stop" when I need it. Things of course were a bit slower, but honestly, equally as fun in it's own way. Cyclic still felt fantastic, and linear - tic tocs and cyclic focused moves were still of ease even at the lower RPMs.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Feb 9 2022 (about a year ago)
RotorTech 715mm "Ultimate" Flybarless Main Blade Set
They are Awesome blades loved them a lot! Make sure you try a set ! Great set of blades my new go to blades!