Robitronic Lap Counting System

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This is the Robitronic Lap Counting System. The Robitronics Lap Counting System is a fully functional lap counter for RC-models of any size and can be used on both indoor and outdoor tracks. The transponders are extremely small and are small enough to be mounted problem-free in mini RC Cars from 1/24 to 1/18.

Every tiny and feather weight transponder is encoded with a worldwide unique number. By crossing the start/finish line the emitted signal will be recognized and processed by the receiver module mounted to the lap counting bridge*.

The system is capable of processing many transponders simultaneously and independent from the number of receiver modules installed. The number of receiving modules required just depends on the track width under the counter bridge. Using the included software (and a PC) it is possible to start timed practice sessions immediately. The system includes 3 personnel transponders, 4 receiver modules, a PC interface with data cable and the RCM Beginners software with a training program.

NOTE: The Robitronics Lap Counting system is NOT Compatible with AMB or MyLaps Products.

Lap Counter Software
RCM Beginners: With RCM Beginners software you start a race without registering groups of the drivers before hand. When the drivers are detected by the loop, the personal transponder will be indicated. During the race the transponder number can be replaced with the driver's name and the race results are displayed with the driver's name in future.

  • Register Transponder automatically
  • Transponder can be joined on a name during Race
  • Set the Race Duration
  • Set Group or Single Start
  • Lap and Time or best Lap
  • Start Race

RCM Online Easy: RCM Online Easy will register all drivers equipped with a personal transponder. RCM Online Easy stores all laptimes of a transponder number, which the driver can print out. After the print the data is released and no longer displayed.

The software is usually installed so that when the computer is turned on RCM Online Easy opens automatically and is ready to count laps. All laps are stored as long the Computer is not manually turned off. This enables you to run a whole day as uncontrolled timed practice allowing the driver to see their own performance data.


  • Lap Count System for RC-Cars all sizes
  • For Indoor and Outdoor Tracks
  • Unlimited cars running at same time
  • Personal Transponder with unique ID
  • Small (only 12x16x7mm) and lightweight Transponder (3g)
  • Professional Software for all Windows Systems
RBORS160 Lap Counter System Includes:
  • (3) Personal Transponder
  • (4) Receiver Modules for tracks with 1.5m width
  • PC-Interface with data cable
  • RCM-Beginners-Software with Training program

*NOTE: Bridge not included 

System Requirements:
Supported operating system:

  • Windows 2000 Professional Server or Home Edition
  • Windows XP Home, Professional Edition
  • Windows Vista Edition (with adjusted account settings)

Minimal Requirements:
Pentium IV and 1 GHz or higher
Memory: 256 MB or more
Printer: Parallel or USB or Fileprinter
AMB: Serial RS232 or USB
Robitronic: Serial RS232
Internet: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox

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