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Friday, Nov 26 2010 (about 5 years ago)
Robinson Racing Losi 8ight X/Hard Steel Clutch Bell (14T)
After going through 3 stock Losi clutch bells and way too many clutch bearings in 2 months of racing every weekend— 2 of them the teeth cracked off, one wore out super quickly — i tried out the Robinson version, along with replacing the center diff spur gear to the robinson version at same time — i have not had any problems and very little wear for over 2 months except for one clutch bearing go bad so far. Both gears have slightly wider teeth and the mesh is just butter smooth. No matter how many engine swaps, the mesh just goes right back to perfect. When using the losi bells the bearing fit was not great and the slop created a difficult mesh. The steel Spur is more rotating mass, so not good for engines with weak bottom end.