Revolectrix Cellpro PowerLab 8 (v2) Battery Workstation (8S/40A/1344W) (Combo 4)

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This is the Revolectrix Cellpro PowerLab 8 (v2) Battery Workstation (Combo 4). The Cellpro PowerLab 8 (v2) Battery Workstation directly supports all Cellpro Revolectrix battery packs without the need for an adapter. Two CP8S-GP/KO6S-PAR Safe Parallel Adapters are included to allow you to charge any battery up to 6S with JST XH or JST EH/HR type balance taps. This combo has been designed to support charging 2 same-cell-count packs up to 6S in parallel. Packs must be JST XH or JST EH/HR compatible 2s-6s, one per adapter. Other adapters are available separately to interface with various manufacturer's batteries.

FMA Direct and Revolectrix have teamed up once again to deliver the industry's first 1344W workhorse! Much more than just a charger, they had to call it something else, so they chose to label it a "Battery Workstation". Capable of charging, discharging, monitoring, or performing multiple cycles on any current or future battery chemistry at alarming speed, the PL8 represents the end of all speculation about who sells the most powerful battery management system in its class. At $0.17 per WATT, it blows the lid off the competition and represents unprecedented VALUE. If for no other reason, the competition will be scratching their heads trying to figure out how to catch up to this one. Add to these facts, the industry's first, well-conceived plan to support safe parallel charging of virtually any number of same-cell-count packs all at once, and you will realize that the investment in PL8 has paid for itself many times over. You no longer need more batteries. You need a battery workstation that can charge, discharge, cycle or monitor your packs faster than you can use them! But power means little without other key features like SAFETY, RELIABILITY, FLEXIBILITY, and INTUITIVE OPERATION; the key elements that are painstakingly crafted into the Cellpro product line. From the massive, over-sized heat sink, to the twin cooling fans. From the 40A, 1344W (@ 24VDC/50A input) synchronous charging circuitry, to the 1344W capable "regenerative discharge" capability. Everything about this all-inclusive battery management system screams EXCESSIVE.

SAFETY: Do not be scared off by the claims of this advertisement by thinking this is too much charger for you. This may be the safest, simplest charger you will ever use. That's because it's a Cellpro, and being a Cellpro, that means you can not make a mistake when you use it. It simply will not let you. The charger will never let you charge a LiPo by selecting the wrong cell count. It knows how many cells are connected by monitoring charge voltage on each cell in the pack individually. It performs an entire series of tests to make sure the battery is hooked up correctly to the charger before it ever even starts to charge, checking for valid voltages on each cell, reverse polarity conditions, reversed node wiring to name a few. It constantly monitors the total pack voltage and compares that to the sum of the individual cells. It can not and will not ever charge a single lithium cell above the proper end-of-charge voltage, and because it is a Cellpro, it assures you of the most accurate, laboratory quality readings at all times. Every single Cellpro charger is factory calibrated using custom test equipment developed by the engineering team at FMA in the United States. Furthermore, if a pack has been over-discharged, it will automatically enter low-voltage restore mode. It will reduce charge voltage during cold weather to extend battery life; all parameters associated with this feature can be adjusted by the customer. Even though batteries in general, and especially lithium batteries, represent a volatile potential, the PowerLab 8 (v2) reduces the risks associated with maintaining any size battery, any chemistry by magnitudes over other brands. Safety has always been at the forefront of all FMA charger designs, and the PowerLab 8 (v2) represents the next phase in the evolution of safety.

RELIABILITY: Take top-notch components capable of handling all of the stresses associated with super-high power, high voltage operation; things like an over-sized heat sink, extra-heavy 10AWG input wire, twin cooling fans and a gigantic sendust core toroid inductor to handle higher input current and combine these with stable firmware/software that is thoroughly tested in-house and with outside beta testing, and what you get is a new standard in reliability. Revolectrix doesnt like getting chargers back from the field for any reason, and that's why they have gone the extra mile on this one.

FLEXIBILITY: The Cellpro PowerLab 8 (v2) is not just another charger on the block. In fact, it is not just another charger at all. It is an all-encompassing battery management and analysis tool. It is compact, powerful, and easy to use. Combining this kind of performance with the ability to autonomously cycle batteries, graphing all aspects of charge and discharge at the cell level (using the free Charge Control Software) and over multiple cycles provides you with key information about any chemistry battery you might have. It will tell you the quality of your battery by monitoring and graphing internal resistance at the cell level; more accurately and faster than ever. It will maximize the health of your batteries and it will quite possibly re-juvinate batteries you thought were beyond rapair. It will do all of this faster and more accurately than other chargers by means of the industry's highest (and adjustable) power balancing current available. After all, what good is 40A of charge current if you back it up with spindly balance current? But most importantly, through the type of data the PL8 can provide, it will tell you if your battery is safe to use.

When they say flexible, they mean it. By simply calling up the appropriate User Preset, it's EASY to go from charging or cycling something like 40AH, 8S batteries at 40A continuous output in a little over 1 hour, to a 20mAh, 1s LiPo at 10mA.

You don't have a 12V, 700W or a 26.35V, 1700W power supply lying around? Not many people do. With smart power management in the PL8, it's easy to limit the unit's input current to match what you do have. This innovative feature has been standard on Cellpro chargers for years but has been vastly expanded in the new PL8. It is now possible to create 2 unique and custom Input Power Source profiles. Using the CCS, begin with a template and adjust parameters to meet your needs, or enter the appropriate parameters right at the charger. Then simply choose between "Battery" or "Power Supply" input before you start to use the PL8. Thanks to the new 4 button, intuitive interface and high capacity microcontroller in the PowerLab 8 (v2), adjusting power limiting at the CCS or at the PL8 just got a whole lot easier.

One of the coolest features that makes PL8 the "greenest" battery management system on the planet, is the regenerative discharge function. Environmentally friendly, regenerative discharge capability of up to 1344W. Unlike traditional methods of discharge, which deplete the output battery's energy in the form of heat across a transistor, regenerative discharge takes most of that energy and puts it back into the input battery. In other words, when you discharge your LiPo for storage, you will be re-charging your Lead Acid input battery. The total amount of power that you can achieve is limited only by the amount of current that your input battery can accept, or 1344W, whichever is lower. Regenerative discharge is an optional feature. Turn it on when you need the highest power discharge, or turn it off and use standard internal discharge of up to 100W.

The original Cellpro 4S introduced the idea of a super-safe, super-simple charger with power balancing built right into the charger. The Cellpro 10S expanded on this theme enabling customers to charge/discharge two batteries simultaneously. It also introduced the concept of two-way PC communication opening up new doors into customization at the customer level, not just in terms of printing graphs, creating or modifying presets or charger settings, but in streamlined and 100% reliable firmware updates. Cellpro Multi4 took these concepts and extended them to multi-chemistry batteries and open architecture presets, fully customizable with some 80 adjustable parameters. Still, the chargers are easy to use and fool-proof. That's what we hear day after day from happy customers around the world. Sure, they are rich in features, but designed to be simple to use and simple to understand. Cellpro PowerLab 8 (v2) is the epitome of the Cellpro philosophy. Its basic operation is patterned after the Multi4, so if you have one of those, you will instantly be familiar with the charger as well as the free Charge Control Software (CCS). But the charger sports a totally new 4 button interface for accessing information. Let's face it, with 4 buttons, it's just easier to use. You requested it, Revolectrix gave it to you.

Major Features:

  • Selectable charge rates range 10mA to 40A
  • Continuous maximum output power rating, 1344W @ +26.35VDC input voltage, 612W @ +12VDC input voltage
  • Using +26.35VDC to +32VDC input, 1344W output will deliver full current rating (40A) over the full range of output voltage up to 33.6V
  • Industry's first "daisy-chainable" Safe Parallel adapters available to maximize available power potential. Safely connect virtually any number (2s-6s for any brand or 2s-8s Cellpro compatible) of equal cell count/capacity together in parallel; charge, discharge, cycle, or monitor on a single PowerLab 8 (v2) unit. These items are peripheral products, available separately or as part of Combo packages, not included as a part of the basic PowerLab 8 (v2) unit.
  • Smart power management allows customer to select between programmable input power sources. Using the Charge Control Software (CCS), choose from several templates to get you in the ballpark, then fine tune the settings. Available settings include power supply input current limit, input low voltage limit, regenerative discharge rate and voltage limit. PowerLab 8 (v2) stores 1 set-up for Power Supply and 1 set-up for Battery and asks for verification one time on start-up
  • PowerLab 8 (v2) supports charging through node wires only (automatic current limiting to 3A maximum) or node wires in combination with discharge wires (charge rate support up to 40A max)
  • Initiate charge, discharge, monitor, and multiple cycles at the PL8 or via remote control from the CCS. Graph all major operations when using CCS.
  • Open Architecture presets allow for customization of any User Preset including show/hide presets on unit, preset name editing, up to 100 parameters control how presets are displayed and charging/discharge/cycling parameters associated with particular batteries and/or charging strategies. Unit includes 25 user preset banks pre-loaded for most major battery type/chemistries, plus 50 library presets.
  • Environmentally friendly, industry first, regenerative discharge capability of up to 1344W. Unlike traditional methods of discharge, which deplete the output battery's energy in the form of heat across a transistor, regenerative discharge takes most of that energy and puts it back into the input battery. In other words, when you discharge your LiPo for storage, you will be re-charging your Lead Acid input battery. The total amount of power that you can achieve is limited only by the amount of current that your input battery can accept, or 1344W, whichever is lower.
  • PowerLab 8 (v2) is also equipped with a traditional, 100W internal discharge capability which is non-regenerative.
  • Twin cooling fan
  • Massive over-sized internal heat sink
  • 10AWG silicon input power cable and heavy-duty, removable plier clips
  • Massive sendust core toroid capable of 60A continuous input current requirement for maximum output specifications

Other Features:

  • Supports native Cellpro batteries automatically
  • Adapters available for all popular R/C battery brands
  • 2 line, 16 character backlit LCD
  • Available opto-isolated PC interface and free Charge Control Software (CCS)
  • Intuitive 4 button user interface
  • Sleek and attractive high-impact ABS enclosure for maximum airflow efficiency
  • Sturdy Aluminum top panel with reliable, recessed tactile buttons
  • Quick "preset over-ride access" to common charging parameters like setting charge and discharge current and operational modes of charge / discharge / monitor / cycle(s)
  • Additional advanced options menu for adjusting in-depth charging parameters and global options at the unit
  • GUI PC software (CCS) allows access to 25 User Presets and 50 Library Presets stored in the unit or available in unlimited number on the P.C.
  • Free and reliable firmware updates for the life of the product using the CCS
  • Automatic Low voltage restore for recovering damaged or overdischarged packs
  • Programmable options allow speaker ON/OFF or volume, customized welcome screen, and much more
  • Cold weather mode reduces end-charge voltage; parameters adjustable by customer including ON/OFF, end-charge voltage offset reduction, and temperature
  • Multiple product cases can be interlocked
  • Expansion Channel mode whereby one PowerLab 8 (v2) Primary (Master) can control one or more Expansion Channel Units, send over preset information, control all aspects of charging and balancing. This feature is perfect for charging multiple packs of same chemistry using multiple devices such as split packs connected in series during operation all at unbelievable rates.
  • Auto charge mode available utilizing advanced fuel gauging technology
  • Customizable fuel table lookup values based on presets. Fuel tables can be created using a Fuel Table Wizard in the CCS and applied to individual battery brands by presets for improved accuracy


  • For Battery types: Lithium Polymer (1s to 8s balanced, 1s to 2s unbalanced), Lithium Ion (1s to 8s balanced, 1s to 2s unbalanced), Lithium Manganese (1s to 8s balanced, 1s to 2s unbalanced), A123 (LiFePO4) (1s to 8s balanced, 1s to 10s unbalanced), NiCd (1s to 21s), NiMH (1s to 21s), 6v, 12v, 24v Lead Acid batteries (Flooded, Gel, AGM, SLA).
  • Pack capacity: 20 mAh to 360Ah
  • Input voltage: 10-32VDC, reverse polarity protected
  • Input current: 1A to 60A, software limited
  • Power conversion: Synchronous DC/DC converter, supports multiple switcher frequencies of 31.25 kHz, 62.5 kHz, 125 kHz; user selectable by preset, 85% to 93% efficiency depending on output current
  • Output battery charge current: Adjustable range 10mA to 40A, limited by 60A input current*
  • Output battery discharge current: Internal discharge 10mA to 10A, 100W max Regenerative discharge 10mA to 40A, 1344W max**
  • Continuous max output power: 612W @ +12VDC input, 1344W @ +26.35VDC
  • Cell balancing: Resolution 78uV (16 bit) for 1s-8s Li or A123 (LiFePO4) balanced charging
  • Voltage calibration: Cell voltage measurements are factory calibrated to a standard traceable to NIST; calibration is to +/- 6 mV
  • Current calibration: Charge current is factory calibrated on a 4A standard; calibration is to +/- 1mA
  • Measurement accuracy:
    • Voltage resolution: 78uV (16 bit)
    • Voltage tolerance: +/- 6mV
    • Charge current: +/- 1%
    • Capacity added to pack: +/- 1%
    • Percent capacity (“Fuel”): +/- 5% (with accurate fuel table defined for battery being charged)
  • Serial data output: 19.2kbps, 8 bits, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit, no parity
  • Data integrity: Checksum, CRC checking
  • Cooling fans: Twin, 13 CFM, 50mm diameter
  • Heat sink: Internal 200W aluminum, thin finned
  • Output battery connector: “Cellpro” compatible, JST PA series, 9 position
  • LCD: 2 line, 16 character, light grey/blue backlit

NOTE: all specifications and features listed above subject to change without notice.
* For safety reasons, available charger current may be limited for certain battery types and/or charging modes, e.g., non-balanced charge of Li batteries
** Please check bullet number 9 in the section titled “Major Features” for a detailed description of Regenerative Discharge


  • (1) Cellpro PowerLab 8 v2 Battery Workstation with basic Cellpro adapter
  • (2) CP8S-GP/KO6S-PAR Safe Parallel Adapters

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Lyall Watson
Saturday, May 12 2012 (about 5 years ago)
Revolectrix Cellpro PowerLab 8 (v2) Battery Workstation (8S/40A/1344W) (Combo 4)
I've had this charger for about a year...
There simply is no better charger on the market. I can charge lipos in a fraction of the time compared to other chargers and I know that it's charging them properly with some intelligence behind it.
The charger is supported by an awesome group of engineers who are on the rc forums (mostly rc airplane forums) all the time. Threre has been 2 firmware updates since I've had of which raised the current output to 1.3kW...yes, 1.3kW folks...
The thing is a beast.
The software is totally awesome as you can watch in real time your chargers internal resistance (matching) and the voltage as it will also discharge to a car battery and charge it off of your lipos!!!!!
This thing will charge all chemical types of batteries but I"ve only played with lipos with it.

The biggest problem is getting a power supply that can handle it...the cheapest is to scour ebay for cheap server power supplies which can be had for about $20....

It's too bad they don't advertise's very popular with the rc plane people but unheard of for us rc car people....I love it.)
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Mar 19 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Revolectrix Cellpro PowerLab 8 (v2) Battery Workstation (8S/40A/1344W) (Combo 4)
This is the best charger I have ever owned and it will be the last charger I will ever have to buy. This is one powerfull charger it charges my 7000 mAh battery in under 30 minutes, this thing is awesome !!!!)
Brian Morrison
Monday, Aug 24 2015 (about 2 years ago)
Revolectrix Cellpro PowerLab 8 (v2) Battery Workstation (8S/40A/1344W) (Combo 4)
Worked excellent for 5 years then one day I heard a snap and seen smoke. Don't know what happened. Id buy it again.)
Ricardo Mariani
Sunday, Aug 11 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Revolectrix Cellpro PowerLab 8 (v2) Battery Workstation (8S/40A/1344W) (Combo 4)
This charger is fantastic! Forget all the rest, buy this one and you will not regret it.
Fantastic is the best word to describe it.)
Jeremy Johnson
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jul 10 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Revolectrix Cellpro PowerLab 8 (v2) Battery Workstation (8S/40A/1344W) (Combo 4)
This is my first lipo charger. It has only had great reviews from anywhere that I could find. It is definitely a great charger with a ton of features that I haven't even used yet.)