Revolectrix 605SB Digital Servo Buffer

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This is the Revolectrix 605SB Digital Servo Buffer. The 605SB is the latest microprocessor controlled in-line servo buffer from Revolectrix. The 605SB was designed specifically to provide 100% reliability when interconnecting the Co Pilot (CPD4) with Futaba PCM receivers and is guaranteed to provide smooth operation on both pitch and roll channels.

This unit occupies the equivalent space of a standard "Y harness". Linearity is outstanding (1 uS accuracy); i.e., the frame rate, resolution and granularity are essentially analog with little or no “stepping”. Output travels are automatically limited so that servos are never driven against the stop, but the unit will pass extended transmitter throws (140% or higher).

The 605SB is designed to amplify the signal between the receiver and one or two standard or digital servos connected to the same channel. Center of control is standard 1.5 ms + or - 0.7 ms (max) for end-of -throw. The 605SB is temperature and voltage stable for model operating ranges. Additionally, the 605SB also provides RF isolation. Having trouble with long aileron extensions or long runs to elevator/rudder in a big airplane? Install this unit between the servos and the receiver to improve radio performance.


  • Dimensions: 1.18x0.34x0.32"
  • Weight: 0.10 Oz (3 gm)
  • Current drain: < 1 ma.
  • Input: one microlite servo pigtail six inches long.
  • Outputs: two 3-pin headers that accept JR, Futaba, Hitec or Airtronics Z-style servo connectors; both outputs are buffered for use as a 2 channel "Y buffer" where required.

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