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mira ninkovic
Tuesday, Sep 6 2011 (about 4 years ago)
Reedy 2039 Tuned Muffler (Hard Anodized)
top product really brings out the top end which is lacking on the reedy. once again great product,
Rick Siems
Monday, Mar 28 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Reedy 2039 Tuned Muffler (Hard Anodized)
This pipe works great at mellowing out low end torque, giving decent mid and top end, but it is a piece of junk! The grub screw that came with the pipe was the wrong size, which stripped out the outside pipe mount hole, then I got the correct size grub screw and put it on the inside pipe mount hole and the aluminum was so soft, that hole immediately stripped too. In order to use the pipe, I had to JB Weld a holder to the pipe, but after two big races with hardly any crashes, the entire end piece on the pipe is starting to crack. BEWARE!