REDS 721 Scuderia Gen 2 Pro .21 Off-Road Competition Nitro Engine Combo w/2143 X-ONE Torque Tuned Pipe (Red) (Broken In)

REDS 721 Scuderia Gen 2 Pro .21 Off-Road Competition Nitro Engine Combo
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The REDS 721 Scuderia Gen 2 Pro .21 Off-Road Competition Nitro Engine Combo, with an included 2143 X-ONE Torque Tuned exhaust system, as well as 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0mm carburetor venturis is a premium level engine. These engines have been pre-broken in with Mario Rossi's unique process, using oil bath lapping machines. The pre break-in process saves time, fuel and increases the performance over a traditional break-in. Hard work and commitment has earned the trust of many of the world’s top drivers, including Elliott Boots, Juan Carlos Canas, Cole Ogden, Marco Baruffolo, Leonardo Valente, Mason Fuller and many others. 

The 721 Scuderia Gen 2 S Series builds on the successes of the 721 Scuderia GEN1 engine, with the primary features remaining unchanged. The Gen 2 features a redesigned carburetor with unique materials that increase reliability. The carb features a double grab screw joint link to facilitate positioning and fitting with the servo link. Combine this with the hand tuned DLC coated crankshaft, ceramic rear bearing, and final inspection personally completed by Mario and Marco Rossi, and you have a cutting edge, competition grade engine manufactured to the highest quality standards. 

NOTE: The break-in needs to be concluded on the racetrack (see instructions below). 

  • NEXT GENERATION ENGINE: The 721 S Scuderia features high reliability, tuning stability and great fuel mileage. Combined with specific technical changes in the porting and materials, this 7 port engine makes more power and offers better fuel efficiency than any previous REDS engine model.
  • CARBURETOR: The GEN2 engine features a redesigned 3-needle carburetor with unique materials to increase reliability and tuning stability, in particular the insulator bushing has been improved with a higher strength material. Furthermore, it features an updated double grab screw joint link to facilitate positioning and fitting with the servo link.
  • INNOVATION: REDS is always striving to innovate. This means investment into new core technologies. Drawing from the rich experience gained through competing on the world’s best RC tracks with the best drivers in the world, REDS' goal is to deliver quality products that are built with passion. 
  • A DIAMOND IS FOREVER: 721 Scuderia Gen 2 S comes with a DLC Coated crankshaft and backplate for improved engine durability. The crankshaft can last approximately 3 times more than a conventional steel crankshaft thanks to the extreme hardness of the diamond coating. Even the conrod life is lengthened about 50%.
  • HANDMADE, TUNED AND ASSEMBLED: The 721 Scuderia Gen 2 S engine is hand-tuned with a silicone-filled, balanced and tuned crankshaft by M. Rossi. Every single engine is hand inspected and compression checked inside REDS Racing headquarters by Mario and Marco Rossi to achieve the highest quality standards. This is core to the values that makes Reds Racing engines different from any other brand on the market.
  • INCLUDES 2143 X-ONE TORQUE TUNED PIPE: The X-ONE tuned pipe is an innovative all-in-one pipe-manifold system. The pipe has been welded to the manifold to improve performance and fuel consumption. With X-ONE configuration there is no need for springs or gaskets, and the one piece design creates increased reliability and improved tuning stability.
After the Reds Racing Break-In service has been completed there are a few steps that you will need to do to ensure a long and healthy life of your engine. These post lapping instructions have been tuned to give your REDS engine maximum life and performance.

    • Heat the engine up to 80° (180 F) to 90° (200 F) using an engine heater or heat gun.  
    • Start the engine. The carburetor comes already adjusted, but you might need to make slight adjustments depending on your fuel, car, weather, and height, but overall the setting will be very similar.  
    • Use a 12% break in fuel or add 2% Castor oil (alternatively a castor based blend) to normal racing fuel. Let the engine idle and heat saturate for the first tank (tank 1).
    • During this time you can fine-tune the idle adjustment and slowly apply the throttle to burn out any excess assembly oil. 
    • Start running the car on the track or in a parking lot. The engine should be crisp on bottom to mid, but still slightly rich on top. At the completion of tank 2, let the engine cool down with the piston at bottom dead center.  
    • Tank 3 and 4, preheat the engine and continue running on the track for 2 tanks. You can lean out the high speed needle staying on the rich side. Stop the engine and make sure the piston is at the bottom dead center.  
    • Tank 5 and 6, preheat the engine and continue running on the track. At this point you should be pretty close to race tune with the high speed needle slightly rich to provide proper lubrication. The engine will continue to improve and gain run-time over the next 1 gallon (4 liters), but you should be ready to go racing.
Category: 1/8 Buggy and Truggy
Displacement: 3.5cc
Bore: 16.2mm
Stroke: 16.9mm
Inlet ports: 7
Outlet ports: 1
Front ball bearing dimension: 7x19x6mm, rubber seal made in Japan
Rear ball bearing dimension: 14x25.4x6mm, Swiss made ceramic
Carburetor venturi diameter: 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0mm included
Carburetor: VCX3-A Aluminum Short needle
Weight: 345g
Fuel consumption: > 9:00 min
Engine temperature: 230-266°F (110-130°C)
Recommended Glow plug: REDS TS3
Included tuned pipe: REDS 2143 XONE Torque
Recommended fuel: 25-30% nitro, 8-10% oil
Break-in fuel: 12% oil

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