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Kevin Geager
Saturday, Sep 20 2008 (about 8 years ago)
RD Logics RD Logic Traxxas Revo Starter Box II
I have one of these starters and it works well, it starts a Revo Platinum 2008 just fine. I have another Revo with a RB TM523 and it turns it over at 1000 MPH. Only gripe .. it should be less costly.
DeShaun Dash
Friday, Jan 4 2008 (about 8 years ago)
RD Logics RD Logic Traxxas Revo Starter Box II
Plenty of power. Starts my revo with moded 18tm with ease and also my friends revo with 21 V spec. Very sterdy carry strap and batteries don't wobble around in the box.
Mohammed Altharwa
Sunday, Jul 15 2007 (about 9 years ago)
RD Logics RD Logic Traxxas Revo Starter Box II
I've searched every Revo forum looking for a decent review on this box with no luck, so ill do my best here. some say the RD racing box is the way to go, i couldnt find any for sale, so i pulled the trigger on this one. its expensive, but there aren't "many" other options, the box has a 550 motor, i had a hard time strating a Picco .28 untill i found out that i was pushing the truck down at the wrong place, you have to push down from the rear "left" body post and not from the side or the top, but i still think for the price it should have came with a 750 motor. it uses the steering servo guards to align the fly wheel to the rubber wheel, one thing i find a bit annoying is the tires rub against the box sides, i had to slightly keep the rear tires with a 1 degree toe-out to make things easier when putting the truck on the box. you always need to make sure the belt is not loose, i kept my box indoors for a while and then took the box out and it was hot that day, the belt streched and broke after a day of breaking in a new engine, if you keep the belt pulled tight it will last a very long time, order another just incase. the screws that hold the motor, the rubber wheel, the bearings, all need to be loctited, if you hear any strange sound comming from the box STOP, you either have a loose scerw or you need to tighten the belt. i use two 7.2 3000Nimh batteries, they are ok, i wish i got a gell cell for much less and it lasts alot longer, now i hocked the box to a car battery :O) if you need a stronger motor along the way or if your stock motor died you can get the Ofna 775 motor wich is much stronger than stock and half the price, part number (OFN92805), you can find it here at Amain thats it i guess, good luck, the box is very good, and is cheaper in the long run, no more 20$ OWB every 2 gallons or so. Mohammed T