RC4WD Stamped Steel 1.0" Stock Beadlock Wheels (Silver) (4)

RC4WD Stamped Steel 1.0" Stock Beadlock Wheels (Silver) (4)
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This is a pack of four RC4WD Stamped Steel 1.0" Stock Beadlock Wheels in Silver color, intended for the RC4WD 1/18 Gelande II, but can also be used with the Axial SCX24. These wheels fit a 7mm hex. 

SCX24 Note:

  1. These wheels have more offset (few mm's per side), pushing the wheels wider than the stock width. It is minor, but it is there.  
  2. These wheels should be used with RC4WD 1.0" Tires; Axial tires will probably not work.  
  • Stamped Steel Inner/Outer Face
  • Aluminum Lock Ring
  • Removable Center Billet Aluminum Hub
  • Internal Beadlock System
  • Fits 7mm Hex
Wheel Size: 1.0"
Fit: 1.0" Size Tires
OD: 1.13in/28.6mm
Width: 0.60in/15.4mm
Center Hole OD: 0.1in/2.5mm
Positive Offset: 0.27in/7.0mm
Each Weight: 0.47oz/13.5g

  • (4) Stamped Steel 1.0" Stock Beadlock Wheels (Silver)
  • (1) RC4WD 4.0mm Metric Hex T-Wrench Tool (Z-F0031)

This product was added to our catalog on February 2, 2021

Tuesday, Jul 6 2021 (4 months ago)
RC4WD Stamped Steel 1.0" Stock Beadlock Wheels (Silver) (4)
Wow, some people must not pay attention to details when trying to mount these. Not sure why all the bad reviews, other than not putting in any thought or effort. These wheels are a great value when compared to most all other metal wheels. I have like 5 sets in multi colors.

People may not be seating the bead properly either. Make sure the inner ring sits in the groove on each side of the tire bead. I usually wet the inner tire rings now (spit or soapy water), then slide in the big rim side. Align and drop in the outer rim face now.
As far as mounting, use the paper clip method (bent in a U) to run through the backside of the hub/rim/rim-face through 2 holes (the ones across from each other in line with the spoke opening symmetrically.) You can hold the paperclip from the backside of the wheel as sort of a handle while you do the next steps. You have to really squeeze the two halves together and start the screws, then remove the clip and install those two. Work them all in a star pattern, slightly tightening at a time. Keep an eye on the bead as you tighten. Try not to squeeze excessively (or tighten) one side or spot. At the end I do final tighten in a circle... just like mounting a 1/1 wheel. -- I also tighten without the driver handle with light pressure to not strip anything or over tighten. I have never needed to use lock-tight on these screws either... the compression of the rubber tire between the rim halves keeps back pressure on everything.

Maybe that helps.
Sunday, Sep 5 2021 (7 weeks ago)
RC4WD Stamped Steel 1.0" Stock Beadlock Wheels (Silver) (4)
These are amazing wheels. They went together flawlessly with some 1.0 RC4WD Interco Thrornbirds. They also fit my stock scx24 c10 very well . They are a tiny bit snug on the stock hexs but still fit great. I can still remove the plastic hex from the wheel hub by hand. Use a bit of spit or a tiny amount of soap on the bead and it helps a ton. Make sure your even stevens, and centered on both sides before you start your star pattern to tighten them and you too will have no issue. I cant get over how good theses little wheels look, amazing in person.
Verified Owner
Friday, Sep 3 2021 (7 weeks ago)
RC4WD Stamped Steel 1.0" Stock Beadlock Wheels (Silver) (4)
Better Quality Control is needed at RC4WD! Assembly wasn't an issue for me. It was the fitment of the 7mm hex hubs! only 1 of the 4 hubs fit correctly. Luckily I had extra hubs to make them work.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jul 31 2021 (3 months ago)
RC4WD Stamped Steel 1.0" Stock Beadlock Wheels (Silver) (4)
Pros: cheap. Sort of. In the long run expensive as you'll replace them with better wheels anyway.

Cons: bead is difficult to keep in while mounting. There are more parts than the nicer wheels, so expect lots of frustration. Doesn't fit hex properly.

So yeah, cheap, but crap that I'll throw away.
Verified Owner
Friday, Jun 25 2021 (4 months ago)
RC4WD Stamped Steel 1.0" Stock Beadlock Wheels (Silver) (4)
Absolute Garbage. Yes, I watch every Youtube video there is on mounting tires to these wheels. Cannot get a single one to mount without the bead pulling through. I feel ripped off buying this utter crap. A bottle of KY should come with every set to ease the pain. There Tires are great, these wheels are another story. RC4WD should have their head examined for coming up with this design, then sued out of existence.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, May 5 2021 (6 months ago)
RC4WD Stamped Steel 1.0" Stock Beadlock Wheels (Silver) (4)
Absolute garbage, look cheap and unfinished, do NOT fit 7mm hexes without altering, an absolute nightmare to put together, and extremely overpriced for what they are. Unfortunately they are the “affordable” way to get the RC4WD tires to fit and the tires are worth the headaches in their performance. So if you go this route recommend patients and investing YouTube time before installing.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Apr 17 2021 (6 months ago)
RC4WD Stamped Steel 1.0" Stock Beadlock Wheels (Silver) (4)
These wheels are awful. They don't fit the stock plastic hexes or the brass hexes for the SCX24. All 4 hex mounts are machined differently. One is rounded out. Never seem to have good luck with RC4WD metal.
Verified Owner
Friday, Apr 16 2021 (6 months ago)
RC4WD Stamped Steel 1.0" Stock Beadlock Wheels (Silver) (4)
Hex is too small for the scx24. Can't get them out without damage. Don't know if brass fits better but the plastic stock ones are stuck. Now Iam only able to use this wheel and now have to worry about losing wheel pin.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Apr 13 2021 (6 months ago)
RC4WD Stamped Steel 1.0" Stock Beadlock Wheels (Silver) (4)
Newbie Review. This is my 1st bead lock wheel.

From my 1st time experience of installing and setting this up. I would say it was not as tough or it was a breeze. I watched videos of other folks installing these using different methods. I was rather lucky that the 1st two I setup had that one section stuck (don't know the name) hex part, was stuck in position so lining up the screws was a cinch. The other two, I used a little bit of sticky tack to hold it in place while I lined up the holes to screw in. Not too tough so I would say it was a breeze to setup. For me these wheels look awesome! They look great on my custom SCX24 C10 or on my Mini Z Jeep with BF Goodrich T/A KM3 tires.