Scale winches

Scale winches, such as the RC4WD Mini "Warn" 9.5cti Winch, look like their full-scale counterparts. These are great for pulling off a scale look and even get you scale points in a competition. They're also functional as recovery winches. You can use them to get your rig out of a tough spot on the trail or course. Although they function, they don't have the raw power you might need out of a winch in certain situations.

RC4WD Scale Winch

Servo Winches

Servo winches are a much more powerful and capable winch option. If you've got a heavy rig, or intend to push your winch to the limit, a servo winch is what you want. They come with either an internal or external spool. An internal spool provides a cleaner look but may need some modification to mount. An external spool is more universal, but might not look as great. Refer to your mounting options when choosing between the two.

Precision RC Servo Winch

Controlling Your Winch

Winches need a winch controller for use. Some servo winches have them built-in, but most of them need an external controller.

Using your transmitter: To use your transmitter you need a spare channel with a three-position switch. You also need a compatible winch controller such as the Precision RC Works Raptor.

Using a separate remote: If you want a controller with a separate remote you can do that too. These controllers include a small remote control you can use to power the winch. They're compact and easy to clip onto your radio or throw in your bag.

Precision RC Works Raptor Inline 12V Winch Controller

Precision RC Works Raptor
Inline 12V Winch Controller

HeyOK Performance Wireless Ready Winch Controller

HeyOK Performance Wireless
Ready Winch Controller


How do I mount my winch?
Scale winches mount onto a compatible bumper. Modification may be necessary depending on your exact bumper, body, and winch. Servo winches often need an aftermarket part to mount them underneath the body. Some kits such as the Vanquish VS4-10 Ultra come stock with a second servo mount for use with a servo winch.

Can I control it from my radio?
Yes. All you need is a spare channel on your radio with a three-position switch, and a compatible winch controller.

How do I power my winch?
This depends on your controller. Some controllers get power through the receiver. This would limit your voltage to what your receiver puts out. Others get power from an inline battery plug or auxiliary battery. This would give more voltage, and thus more power.