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Wednesday, Jul 11 2012 (about 4 years ago)
RC Screwz Team Losi 22 Stainless Steel Screw Kit
Seems like what ever kit you buy them for, everyone feels the same way, nobody gives them 5 stars. It's not the quality its the size and type. On the 22 the long button head screw that goes through the wing mounts and into the motor plate is stated as M3x44mm but the threads are like .5mm less than 44, the Rcscrewz kit doesn't include one of those, but they do include a socket head screw that is like 44.5mm long, so if you know that screw it already sticks out more that the others, I had to use 2 washers so it wouldn't hit the slipper plate, and it's a socket head screw so it sticks out even more, I just used the regular one for that as it looked so stupid. There are other ones that didn't match either, but....... I mainly wanted them for the bottom screws, I drive on an indoor damp clay track, so if I don't clean the bottom right away the regular screws will eventually rust, for that reason the screw kit is ok with me, but I wouldn't buy another one, I would just replace screws if they rust. Just seems like it wouldn't/shouldn't be that hard to just include same size and type of screws that come in the factory kits.