RB Products TM523 .23 Revo/Slayer Monster Truck Engine Conversion Kit

RB Products TM523 .23 Revo/Slayer Monster Truck Engine Conversion Kit
Price: $334.99
Discontinued Online
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This is the RB Concept TM523 .23 Monster Truck Engine Conversion Kit for the Traxxas Revo and Traxxas Slayer. Just like the TM323, this engine displaces .23 cu in or 3.78cc. It has been designed to transform your REVO or SLAYER into a real racing machine. It's design features draw from the latest technological advancements found in top level RB competition engines.

The TM523 features an ultra-light and rigid crankase that maximizes the efficiency of the ABC 7 Port + 2 bypass sleeve. This engine employs the RB original, world famous M.E.S. (Multi exhaust system) to help it develop the maximum level of torque and acceleration. RB also incorporated the exclusive RB BI TURBO crankshaft to help push the limits even more. Also, the venturi of the 8.5mm aluminum carburetor has been polished to improve the gas flow.

The famous MONSTERS Orange Gold RB cooling head is engraved with the TM range logo to let others know that your truck means business. For those who choose to lose the weight and rotating mass of the TRAXXAS Easy Start system, an optional rear cover is available to make your engine starter box compatible. The TM523 power unit comes complete with a specifically designed exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe and engine mounting set to install this engine in your REVO without modification, and uses the original electric starter.


  • Crankcase: Light, rigid and strong to achieve optimum performance, the CONCEPTion of this crankcase has been based on these criteria. The casting of the crankcase is done with a vacuum system to avoid the formation of air cavities during the moulding process. Inside the crankcase, where the carburetor is fixed, we have positioned a special o-ring to avoid any possible air-leak at that point between the crankcase and the carburetor. Compared with the TM323 crankcase, this one has also been increased in size to accommodate the larger front bearing.
  • Porting: The internal porting of the TM523 crankcase has been adapted and optimized to enhance the internal gas flow, with additional machining to accommodate the world famous Multi Exhaust System. In conjunction with the 7+2 intake ports of our sleeve this combination ensures massive torque and horsepower from our RB CONCEPT TM523!
  • Piston Liner: The TM523 piston/liner is of the ABC type, chromed and rectified, the piston is aligned with precision in the sleeve to get the best fit and performance combined with a long life! Derived from considerable racing success, the sleeve design features 7+2 intake ports in conjunction with the Multi Exhaust System, which comprises 3 exhaust ports.
  • Conrod: The Conrod of the TM523 is manufactured from a unique high quality, ultra sound checked alloy. It has got 2 specially machined bronze bushings. A special lubrication groove is added to ensure the lubrication reaches the right places inside the conrod bushes particularly when the engine is working at higher outputs.
  • Crankshaft: The exclusive RB BI-TURBO crankshaft has been fitted to this engine to increase the power even further. This technology previously reserved for full race engines is now available for your monster!
  • Bearings: The TM523 front bearing is larger than that in the TM323 to accommodate the increased power. The 14.2mm main-bearing is of the highest quality and has offset balls to achieve enhanced rotational crankshaft stability.
  • Cooling-head: The famous MONSTERS Orange Gold RB cooling-head is engraved with the inimitable TM range logo to show that you will take your truck to the edge. Really big, it's specially designed for the Traxxas chassis.
  • Carburetor: The TM523 aluminum carburetor is simple and easy to set and will hold its tune while you are using your truck. This carburetor has a venturi diameter of 8mm and features 3 possible adjustments:
  1. A main-needle to adjust the fuel-mixture at full-speed.
  2. An idle-needle to adjust the fuel-mixture at idle-speed.
  3. An air-screw to adjust the idle-speed.
  • Glowplug: A Turbo glowplug for a Monster engine! The TM523 will terrorize your competitors!
  • Rear-cover: The rear-cover of the TM523 is designed to accept the original EZ-Start system without modification, just mount it and you are almost ready to go.
  • Tuned pipes: The included tuned pipe fits the REVO without any modification! Designed for the TM523 it insures the best performance of this engine! This pipe provides a huge bottom power and an quick acceleration.

Displacement: 3.78cc
Bore: 17.00mm
Stroke: 16.64mm
Porting intake: 7+2
Porting exhaust: 3
Crankshaft: TRX Bi-Turbo 14,20mm
Carburetor: Aluminium 8mm
Glowplug: Turbo
Weight: 305 Gr.
Pull start: EZ-Start ready (not included)

This product was added to our catalog on April 17, 2006