Reviews for RB Products RB One V2 Limited Edition RTR 1/8 Scale Nitro Buggy w/Pull Start .21 & 2.4GHz Radio [RBD0230006]

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randy slagle
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jun 21 2014 (about 2 years ago)
RB Products RB One V2 Limited Edition RTR 1/8 Scale Nitro Buggy w/Pull Start .21 & 2.4GHz Radio
I just received my rb products One V2 limited rtr. First off get the negatives out of the way. The description of needed items to compleat is incorrect. The limited DOES COME WITH A GLOW IGNITOR AND A FUEL BOTTLE. Wich really is not a negative but its a bummer as I bought a whole nitro start kit at an added cost because the description said I needed to buy them along with the tools. The kit also comes with a tool kit. My kit did not come with shock boots or any fluids for the diffs or shocks nor did it come with any decal sheets. I could care less on the fluids but did wish I got the shock boots. As for the electronics, well I ditched the stock flysky type radio and reciver and installed my Spektrum DX4R Pro but did keep the servos the kit came with. I can tell you that the throttle servo is great. Both the servos are some what quick in response time but the steering servo does not like to repeat center. I find myself always having to retrim the steering and its very loud but it does do the job and will get you going. Its only really good for bashing I would not use the steering servo for racing. The engine that comes in the kit is a bit tricky to get up and running . Stock needle settings I found to be odd per manual at 2 turns out on low speed and 3.5 turns out on high speed. Only to later find out after doing the break in that the manual suggested that the low speed is about 1/2 to 3/4 turn off and the high speed is almost 1.5 turns off for my altitude and temp. The manual explains why they have you set the needles this way. DO NOT EXPECT a fast out of the box car, its not by any means until you fully break in the motor wich per manual means you need to have 3/4 gallon of fuel threw the car befor you will be able to get the car to full throttle. While I am on the motor and manual I can tell you I had a lot of problems getting the car to idle first tank as they want you to do. I have tuned nitro before and I can tell you this engine is a well machined mill and will take all of a full gallon of run time before it breaks in enuff to get full speed and power from it. Yes its a pain but trust me when I say its worth the wait not only in performance and reliabuility but also in your bank account. Run time on a full tank of fuel was 15 minutes with a lot of wide open pulls and the car handles great in box form. I do suggest changing the diff fluids to a much heavier front and center fluid and slightly heavier rear fluid as the car spins the front tires more then it accelerates , fluids will help that. The out of the box tires are extreamly sticky with soft foams so do not expect the tires to last. All in all im very happy with the kit, about the only thing I wish was more aftermarket support like a aftermarket body and a few other parts here and there. and for the people who think the Kyosho is expencive take a look at the price of the RB products replacement parts. I got a little sticker shock when I looked up parts after I already bought the car. ya I don't plan on breaking this one any time soon randy