RB Products "A.D.S." Automatic Damping System Set (Mugen MBX7)

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This is the optional RB Products "A.D.S." Automatic Damping System Set, for the Mugen MBX7. When setting up your shocks, there are a multitude of options and finding a perfect shock setup is critical for success on the track. With a variety of piston shapes, hole shapes and sizes, there are hundreds of possible combinations. When you combine this with oil weight and rebound settings, finding a dialed shock setup becomes time consuming and overwhelming.

A variety of companies tired to make progressive shocks, using pistons with floating balls, variable valving, conical holes and cone shaped pistons, but have never been successful in developing a true progressive rate shock. Until now! Developed and tested over two years in collaboration with Fioroni, the patented RB Products ADS system is an incredibly unique product that delivers unmatched progressive damping characteristics. So now, when you are tuning your shocks, the only thing you need to change is the shock oil and spring and you can eliminate the valving from the equation.

How Does it Work?
The patented ADS system features a unique inner sleeve that is fitted inside your existing shock body, with V-shaped cuts machined into the sides, combined with a solid delrin piston that does not have any valving. As the piston moves through the shock body, the oil is pushed into the cuts in the sides of the sleeve, allowing the piston to move through the oil without hydro-locking. The V-shape cuts in the side of the sleeve allows more oil to pass by the piston at the bottom of the stroke, and less oil to pass by as the top of the stroke. This provides a progressive and gradual increase in shock pack as the piston compresses, and allows the piston speed to increase as the shock rebounds.


  • CNC Delrin piston
  • Swiss 7075 T6 hard anodized aluminum inner sleeve
  • Individually checked by hand for a perfect fit
  • Patented RB Products design


  • (2) Front shock sleeves
  • (2) Rear shock sleeves
  • (4) Shock pistons

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steven patterson
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Oct 2 2013 (about 3 years ago)
RB Products "A.D.S." Automatic Damping System Set (Mugen MBX7)
Have not noticed that much difference to how buggy handles on rough surfaces and should contain a statement along the lines of you need to buy 850 - 1250 CST oil for these to be of any use light shock oils are useless on them . Mugen make a good quality stock shock save ya money for a good set of tires:))
Jaymz Mynes
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Aug 13 2013 (about 4 years ago)
RB Products "A.D.S." Automatic Damping System Set (Mugen MBX7)
Stan, 50 WT Losi oil is actually softer than the 700 & 600 you were using. I suggest going much higher (especially on the MBX7) to something like 90 WT (approximately 1250 CST) for front, and 70-80 WT (approximately 950-1150 CST) for rear.

Ive had limited testing on bumpy track, a few large jumps, in high heat/humidity but they worked really well for the time I spent testing. There is no such thing as a damper that will keep a chassis from bottoming out if you miss the landing zone, or have too low a ride height, but what I did notice is it doesn't kick the front or the rear of the car up in the air by a bad landing (to a limit of course) or huge whole in the track (very useful if the track gets blown out on large race day crowd). As for normal cornering ability or heavy acceleration benefits...they may have been there but I focused more on judging the dampers in rough areas and jumps on the track.

The setup I used was Losi 90wt front, 70wt rear, and setting the rebound to 2/3 the length of the shaft at full extent.

Overall (just my opinion), I don't think they are going to make you faster on a smooth track, but are great benefit on those tracks that either get blown out or have technical sections where rough terrain is built in. Primarily, I believe the benefit comes from being able to drive through the rough stuff more aggressive than you normally would. Also, they tend to hide your over jumping or under jumping mistakes (to a certain point of course). Up to now Ive been using the Fioroni dual stage pistons with limited success; I prefer RB ADS on my Mugen x7.

For the price I would suggest people give them a try. RB ADS is a step forward in a better RC damper.)
stan willis
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jun 13 2013 (about 4 years ago)
RB Products "A.D.S." Automatic Damping System Set (Mugen MBX7)
These work great. I used 50 wt losi oil with the stock springs and it just floats over the bumps. I'm really impressed. At first I used 700 front oil and 600 rear and it was way too soft.)