RB Products 1/8 Off Road Air Filter Set w/Extra Foams (1)

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This is the RB Concept 1/8 Off Road air filter system. This is a package deal that includes the air filter along with a pack of four extra air filter foams. This is a two stage air filter system with an inner piece and an outer. You can oil just the inner element, or for very dusty conditions you can also oil the outer element.

We recommend that you make sure the air filter base plate is securely glued to the aluminum filter center piece, to make sure that it cannot move forward while your engine is running.

This product was added to our catalog on April 7, 2006.

Tuesday, May 18 2010 (about 8 years ago)
RB Products 1/8 Off Road Air Filter Set w/Extra Foams (1)
This is the BEST filter COMBO MADE!! and the people who gave this filter 5 stars have done some miles in the dirt!! as they are dead rite the filter is the KING of FILTERS and RB you have done it again!!)
Tim Hanson
Sunday, Jun 1 2008 (about 10 years ago)
RB Products 1/8 Off Road Air Filter Set w/Extra Foams (1)
Just a question to Brian Drake.

The X-Ray filter housings that you used, are they part # XRA358820

I wish to get some of the X-Ray ones.)
Alan Howells
Verified Owner
Friday, May 30 2008 (about 10 years ago)
RB Products 1/8 Off Road Air Filter Set w/Extra Foams (1)
Best offroad air filter on the market, won't run any other filter)
Brian Drake
Verified Owner
Friday, Oct 19 2007 (about 10 years ago)
RB Products 1/8 Off Road Air Filter Set w/Extra Foams (1)
Owned 2 of them and noticed on the buggy that with the shorter filter necks more fuel spits up to the filter which reacts with the aluminum and turns your foams black.

Secondly as you tighten the top plate it spins and binds the foam making it uneven.

Third having to use silicone on the base of the aluminum support and the face plate screw is a pain.

I found that the Xray filter housing is perfect and works great with the RB foams which are much cheaper then the others. As for the RB filter it was my last one for sure and isnt going to be used due to the color it leaves on the foams. Its hard to tell if the foam is dirty and who knows if what ever chemical reaction is occuring with the fuel and aluminum will kill the foam making it allow dirt in.)
George Chrysanthou
Verified Owner
Monday, Oct 2 2006 (about 11 years ago)
RB Products 1/8 Off Road Air Filter Set w/Extra Foams (1)
I have three air filters: One which came with my buggy Kyosho MP777 Air filter, a motor saver dual stage and this one. I din't notice any difference in my engine's performance. But this, unconciously will be my backup filter or use it in dusty as hell tracks. Although it will bolt on my engine tight without the use of a wire strip it has a few disadvantages to consider. One disadvantage is that you cannot re-use the foam because of the element they have. The other is the crappy screw that mounts the filter. So let's make things better. Make a flathead base at the upper filter's plastic and mount a hex flathead 4x6mm screw. Doing so you won't have to put silicon joint to the screw assuming that the screw has an air sealed contact with the upper air filter's plastic. What I will also do to this filter is to attach another outer foam apart from the two. The outer foam from motor saver will do. In order to do this I will put this on a nitro fuel plastic container, drain it and put it on my RB filter as is. Note that during this process the foam will have a larger diameter. Before mounting this foam to the filter drain the fuel completly from the foam. When this mounted foam drains completly it will slightly press the two RB inner, in this case, foams. Then aplly evenly air filter oil to the smaller inner foam be carefull not to overdo it. There you go you have a three stage RB air filter. I will also apply a little air filter oil to the second RB inner foam depending on the circumstances and track conditions.)