Reviews for Racers Edge 5x10x0.2mm Clutch Shim Kit [RCE10403]

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Fergus Fleming
Verified Owner
Monday, Feb 18 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Racers Edge 5x10x0.2mm Clutch Shim Kit
I have used these as a replacement for the stock shims, instead of buying a complete kit just to get 2 shims. Losi calls for this size of shim in the manual but the outer diameter of these shims are not the same as the losi shims. The shims from racers edge are the correct size as listed on the package. They do work but I had some concern as they looked a little small. I rebuild after each race outing and have seen just a little wear compared to the losi shim. I could have flipped the shim over but for the price I have just been replacing them. As some people say they are quieter than the losi shims I don't think those people know what the shim is for! If your losi scte is noisy you might need to do some maintenance.