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Sunday, Jan 9 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Protoform PF8-GT Clear Body
Forget this expensive kyosho bodies garnted they are duable and nice looking but 40-5o dollars for an unpainted body is just way to much money. unfortally this ecomomy has taken a huge toll on all of are budgets so i started to look at this body closely to see if it was worth buying boy was it worth it. it is strong and duable itn the right places tyet flexable in the proper places but best of all it is cheap and veryl lightweight the one thing i would have like to see is more a realalitic wing and mounts but other than that this body is a win win for any person in 1/8 scale gt
Ben Bishop
Saturday, May 10 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Protoform PF8-GT Clear Body
just so everyone knows, this body does not fit a kyosho gt2. I understand it doesn't list the gt2 in the compatibility description but newbies to 1/8 gt, like me, may think all 1/8 bodies will fit all 1/8 cars. though I sent mine back it felt like a great solid body and looks great too. really wish it fit