Reviews for ProTek RC Hardened Clutch Bell w/Bearings (13T) (Mugen/OFNA Style) [PTK-7050]

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Merdith Roach
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Apr 25 2012 (about 4 years ago)
ProTek RC Hardened Clutch Bell w/Bearings (13T) (Mugen/OFNA Style)
This clutchbell fits perfectly in the MBX-7 buggy. The stock bell is kinda soft and wears pretty fast. This Pro-Tek bell wears slower, it is make of hardned steel, and the tooth profile perfectly matches the mugen... What happens on the stock Mugen bell is when it gets hot it makes the clutch slip due to being softer, and the teeth get worn faster than every other car I've had. This Pro-Tek bell is priced right and made my buggy keep the punch throughout a 30 minute main, and no signs of tooth wear at all after 8 full race days. The Mugen bell would be more worn on the teeth and the inside where the clutch engages. Much more durable. Oh yeah the clutch bearings are very well made too. This part was actually needed. The best clutch bell at any price.
Greg Platz
Monday, Aug 25 2014 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC Hardened Clutch Bell w/Bearings (13T) (Mugen/OFNA Style)
The axial length of the clutch bell teeth are shorter than the stock MBX-7 clutch bell. Depending on your engine set up, engine mount, etc., this requires the bell to stand-off further from the fly wheel to have proper engagement of the spur gear. The increased stand-off exposes part of the clutch shoes. Durability, this seems to be a good product. I don't understand why the design of the bell uses shorter teeth though.
john Anderson
Verified Owner
Friday, Apr 15 2016 (3 months ago)
ProTek RC Hardened Clutch Bell w/Bearings (13T) (Mugen/OFNA Style)
Got one of these to try! No good ,cant use at all.machined out of round,poor quality.