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ProTek RC 321B Samurai V2 3-Port .21 Engine Combo w/2090 Pipe (Turbo Plug)

This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.
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Low Price: $439.99
Discontinued Online

This is the ProTek R/C 321B "Samurai V2" Off-Road 3-Port Competition Nitro Engine Combo. This exclusive combo combines the powerful 321B "Samurai V2" with the hard-hitting bottom end delivery only a ProTek R/C 2090 Tuned Pipe Set can deliver.

The 321B “Samurai V2” Off-Road 3-Port engine is ready to lead you into battle – a samurai, by definition, is a noble, powerful warrior willing to serve his master – with a short-stroke, turbo head, rear ceramic bearing and legendary, easy-to-tune carburetor, it’s easy to see why the ProTek racing engine bears the Samurai moniker!

The Samurai sips fuel without sacrificing horsepower thanks to the new LRT carburetor. The handcrafted powerhouse has been built meticulously by a world-renown Japanese engine manufacturer, to the specs of AMain Sports & Hobbies’s top pro drivers.

The Samurai delivers a versatile package like no other – excellent fuel mileage, predictable, crisp throttle-response and consistent carburetor settings are all traits every racer needs to stand atop the podium – to be crowned the master of his class.

The Samurai 321B has been meticulously designed and crafted in Japan by a leading maker of model engines. It has been manufactured in limited production runs guided by nearly 80 years of experience and an unrelenting commitment to both quality and performance.

ProTek R/C 2090 Tuned Exhaust Set (PTK-2090)
The ProTek R/C 2090 is a finely-crafted competitive .21 off-road tuned pipe that features a mirror like chrome finish and high strength welded nipple. Designed with a narrower, longer body, the 2090 is ideal for increased bottom end performance and small track optimization. Although the 2090 is not as smooth as the ProTek R/C 2060 pipe, it will provide great torque for those hard to clear jumps, and heavy truggies.


Samurai 321B Features:

  • Includes 2090 Tuned Pipe and Manifold
  • Superior tunability
  • Low CG cooling head
  • Increased fuel mileage
  • Unrivalled power
  • Smooth and responsive power band
  • 6 & 6.5mm circular restrictors
  • Ceramic rear bearing
  • ABC piston and cylinder
  • Ultra hot ProTek P3 turbo glow plug
  • Strengthened black-coated crankcase
  • Utilizes LRT Carburetor (PTK-2570)

2090 Tuned Pipe Features:

  • Included manifold
  • Mirror chrome like finish
  • Durable high-strength welded nipple
  • Narrow, long body design
  • Maximum low-end performance

Recommended Exhaust:

  • PTK-2060: ProTek R/C 2060 Tuned Pipe w/Manifold (PTK-2060-1: pipe only)
  • PTK-2090: ProTek R/C 2090 Tuned Pipe w/Manifold (PTK-2090-1: pipe only)

Recommended Glowplug:

  • PTK-2542: ProTek R/C P3 Turbo Glow Plug (Ultra Hot)

3.46cc (
16.6mm (0.654in.)
Stroke: 16.0mm (0.630in.)
Practical R.P.M.: 3,000 - 40,000
Power Output:
2.5ps / 34,000 R.P.M.
355g (12.52oz)


  • (1) 321B "Samurai" Off-Road Buggy Engine
  • (1) 2090 Tuned Pipe & Manifold Set
  • (1) P3 Turbo Glow Plug (Ultra Hot)
  • (3) Manifold Exhaust Springs
  • (2) Tuned Pipe Exhaust Springs
  • (3) High Temp Exhaust Gasket
  • (1) 6mm "Circular" Aluminum Carburetor Restrictor
  • (1) 6.5mm "Circular" Aluminum Carburetor Restrictor
  • (3) Dust Caps (3mm, 16mm & 17mm)
  • (1) Instruction Manual

This product was added to our catalog on November 21, 2014

Thomas Jennette
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Sunday, Apr 17 2016 (about 3 years ago)
ProTek RC 321B Samurai V2 3-Port .21 Engine Combo w/2090 Pipe (Turbo Plug)
I put one in my Kyosho STRR Evo 2 I just built and I am very impressed! I only have about a gallon through it, but it was an easy break in with 3 tanks at fast idle, 5 tanks heat cycled, and 3 tanks tuning for 1st race. I ran it a little rich on top but still had ample power to TQ, and win. This motor has an awesome bottom end with the 2090 pipe and plenty of top end to go with it. Oh, and it idles perfectly all day long! I can't speak to the longevity yet, but I will post more as the season goes on. For 1st impressions I have to give it my highest recommendation A+++.
Nick Cattuna
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Thursday, Mar 12 2015 (about 4 years ago)
ProTek RC 321B Samurai V2 3-Port .21 Engine Combo w/2090 Pipe (Turbo Plug)
This is absolutely the best engine I have ever owned. Easy to tune, extremely reliable, smooth power and great fuel mileage!!! I would recommend this engine to anyone!
James Williams
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jul 24 2018 (11 months ago)
ProTek RC 321B Samurai V2 3-Port .21 Engine Combo w/2090 Pipe (Turbo Plug)
Hands down my favorite nitro engine (this is based on the V2 w/2090 pipe). It as oodles of low-end torque, a strong mid-range, but does fade a bit on the top end; I believe that is because of the 2090 pipe. When racing off-road, you tend to have a lot of short shoots, jumps with a short run-up, so the low and mid power band is where you spend most of your time. Even though it doesn't hit that banshee scream on the straightaway like others, but I don't ever seem to be any slower. Most of the time I end up on an 8-9 minute pit window, although I could do 10 minutes if I was light on the throttle.

At the end of the day, this engine isn't groundbreaking. What this engine is, is a very high quality, very reliable, very easy to drive engine that doesn't break the bank.

I've had engines from all the big manufacturers, from the cheapest models to the most expensive. This engine has all the power of the most expensive and the right balance between features, durability, tuneability, and cost.

I highly recommend this engine to any racer from beginner to pro.
Bobby Archer
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Thursday, Mar 3 2016 (about 3 years ago)
ProTek RC 321B Samurai V2 3-Port .21 Engine Combo w/2090 Pipe (Turbo Plug)
I am new to racing nitro and bought this motor at the recommendation of some other drivers. Being a little overwhelmed at first with the thought of breaking in and tuning a nitro, this motor made it very easy. It was very easy to break in and required minimal tuning to get ready for the track. Great product from ProTek.
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Saturday, Sep 19 2015 (about 3 years ago)
ProTek RC 321B Samurai V2 3-Port .21 Engine Combo w/2090 Pipe (Turbo Plug)
I love the power this engine makes! Another great Protek product!
Richard Hess
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Mar 25 2015 (about 4 years ago)
ProTek RC 321B Samurai V2 3-Port .21 Engine Combo w/2090 Pipe (Turbo Plug)
Awesome Motor has to be one of, if not the easiest motor ever to break in and tune !!! great power great run time super smooth power band. And that wooden box it comes in is a nice touch