ProTek RC 270T "Greggor McGrath Team Edition - Cyclic" Digital Servo (High Voltage)

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This is the ProTek R/C 270T "Greggor McGrath Team Edition - Cyclic" Digital Servo. Greggor McGrath is an incredible pilot, with a skill set that exceeds his reputation as one of the nicest guys at the field. That's why we collaborated with Greggor to develop the 270T Team Edition Cyclic Servo. The 270T Team Edition delivers the precision that ProTek R/C team pilots demand, combined with the quality, reliability and customer support that our customers demand from ProTek R/C. 

  • "During the testing phase I flew a variety of servo's. I wanted something that could deliver the torque needed to keep the machine steady during hard 3D, with speed and precision that allows me to throw it around with lightning fast accuracy. When I first flew these servos, I couldn't believe how good they felt! These are the first servo's I have ever used that gave my heli that 'flight simulator' feel, they almost make the machine feel fake. They have so much torque that loading becomes almost non-existent and the speed allows me to perform demanding maneuvers with precision. These are the only servo's I will fly with." - Greggor McGrath, ProTek R/C Team Pilot

At 6.0V the ProTek R/C 270T Greggor McGrath Team Edition Cyclic servo delivers 0.09 transit speed, with an incredible 445 oz-in of torque. When you push the voltage to 7.4, the spec's jump to 0.07 and 549 oz-in! Spec's like these make this servo an excellent choice for any 550 to 800 class cyclic application that can benefit from lightning fast transit speed, precise response and stump pulling torque. A black anodized aluminum case with gold accents provides a striking appearance that sets it apart from any other servo on the market, while at the same time providing bomb proof durability and efficient heat dissipation. Other features include a durable metal gear train supported by dual ball bearings for smooth and precise rotation, 295mm long 22awg connector wire with gold plated connectors, and a coreless motor.

Plus, instead of a cheap plastic servo horn, ProTek R/C goes the extra mile with an included aluminum double arm clamp lock 360° rotation servo horn that lets you set your sub trim mechanically from the servo horn, rather than digitally from the transmitter. Stop wasting your money on budget servos that look good in the spec list, but fall short when its time to perform. Get ProTek and don't look back.

Warning! This ProTek R/C servo requires that you use a m3x10mm screw to attach the servo horn to the output shaft. If you choose to use another screw, be sure to use a 10mm length screw. Use of a shorter screw can cause failure and will void your warranty.


  • Ideal for any 550 to 800 class cyclic applications
  • Full aluminum black and gold anodized case
  • High voltage circuitry
  • 0.09 transit speed, and 445 oz-in of torque @ 6.0V
  • 0.07 transit speed, and 549 oz-in of torque @ 7.4V
  • Aluminum clamp lock 360° rotation servo horn
  • Full metal gears and dual ball bearings
  • 295mm long 22awg connector wire w/gold plated connectors
  • Coreless motor

Servo Model
Recommended Application 550 - 800 Class Cyclic
Operating Voltage 4.8V - 7.4V
Operating Temperature 14° to 140° F (-10 to +60° C)
Operating Speed @ 6.0V 0.09/60° sec
Operating Speed @ 7.4V
0.07/60° sec
Dynamic Torque @ 6.0V
445 oz-in (32.0 kg-cm)
Dynamic Torque @ 7.4V
549 oz-in (39.5 kg-cm)
Motor Type
High Efficiency Coreless Motor
Output Shaft 25 Tooth
Gears Metal
Weight 73.8g
1520μs / 333hz

Notice: ProTek R/C helicopter servos may require an isolated power source or the use of a high-amperage power regulator, like the PTK-4000.

Like many of other leading helicopter servo lines, the high torque and speed specs of ProTek R/C helicopter servos also mean that these units can generate high-frequency noise on the power lines, which can interfere with the proper operation of some flybarless systems and receivers.

We have confirmed this issue exists with the MSH Brain, iKon, newer Vbar Silverline, and the Spartan VX1 and VX1n. Our lab tests indicate older VBar units and the BeastX are far less susceptible to interference and should work well with ProTek R/C servos, even without a power regulator or isolated power source. 

We strongly recommend running two separate power sources (i.e., one battery for the servos and another for the flybarless systems) as the best way to eliminate any possible interference.
An alternative approach is to use a power regulator to filter the power bus between the servos and flybarless system. In order to do so, you must run it in regulator (not bypass) mode.

As today’s servos push the limits of speed and torque specs, flybarless systems need to evolve similarly. Nevertheless, we are aggressively pursuing design changes and power isolation/regulation accessories that will broaden the compatibility of our helicopter servos, while maintaining the leading level of performance you’ve come to expect from ProTek R/C.

ProTek R/C is an AMain Sports & Hobbies brand.

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Shaun Evans
Verified Owner
Thursday, Apr 3 2014 (about 3 years ago)
ProTek RC 270T "Greggor McGrath Team Edition - Cyclic" Digital Servo (High Voltage)
Totally blown away with how these are performing in one of my Goblin 700's. I have them on an HV regulated setup at 7.4v and they blow away the other G700 that I am running with a different brand of high performance servos. They are so quiet that at one point I had to check to see if they were getting power. On my other G700 the servos make a great deal of noise when loaded and these are quiet. Due to space limitations I wasn't able to use the supplied horn to take advantage of the easy centering capabilities. Maybe the same style horn with only one arm would be great for certain models or even a plastic type horn of the same design that can have unneeded arms trimmed off, but that's no hit on the servo. I haven't tried as many different brands of servos as many more experienced pilots have so I can't compare them to a lot of different brands, but compared to the ones that I have tried these 270T's are in a league of their own. They make it hard for me to even consider trying a different servo in my other models and future builds from this point on because this servo has it all, and the specs don't lie. You will not be disappointed!)
Jeff Bordelon
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Mar 5 2014 (about 3 years ago)
ProTek RC 270T "Greggor McGrath Team Edition - Cyclic" Digital Servo (High Voltage)
Totally amazing servos. You better have a good power system for these to deliver! I'm using a 2550mah lipo unregulated and nothing compares. Incredibly fast, powerful and silent. I also love the fact that they O gear slop.)