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Brian Johnson
Sunday, Nov 3 2013 (about 2 years ago)
Pro-Line ProTrac Renegade Bead-Loc Short Course Wheels (Chrome/Black) (2)
Great concept.. Being able to use multiple sets of tires on one set of wheels is a great idea, and for us hobbyists on a budget a must. I have two sets of these for my 2wd Slash and they are great durable wheels. I recently purchased a set for my Losi Ten SCTE. The rears fit just like they should, but the fronts need major modification. You need a dremel tool to remove all of the webbing from the inside of the front wheels. I have cleaned all of this out on my set, but the front suspension pieces still hit the inner lip of the wheel on tight turns. I really expected better from Pro-Line. I use all of their bodies and various other parts without issue. These wheels however are an issue. After removing the amount of material that needs to be removed you wonder how long these will last strength wise. I will buy more Pro-Line products, but they need to make a set specifically for the Ten SCTE.