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justin woodworth wescott
Sunday, Nov 28 2010 (about 5 years ago)
Pro-Line Desert Rat Body (Clear) (Slash)
this is a very durable body, the looks are nice and it was fairly easy to paint. the set holes are in a good spot. the front body line needs extra trimming on the 2wd slash for the 2 bumps that it sits against. the rear also can use extra trimming depending on which rear bumper you are using. i have one main race body that is this one and it has lasted 2 seasons of onroad, offroad and oval. its just now coming apart so for all you racers out there you know that under normal driving thats about 6 seasons worth of racing. window masks are decent as well but i dont use them. weakest point is the rear fender vertical to horizontal area as it takes a lot of side pounding.
Saturday, May 29 2010 (about 6 years ago)
Pro-Line Desert Rat Body (Clear) (Slash)
this is a good body but i dont think they have the body mounts in the right spot if they do could u tell me cause my mounts could be backwards