Reviews for Pro-Line 6½ High Downforce 1/10 Buggy Wings (2) [PRO6245-00]

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Brian Ferencin
Verified Owner
Friday, Sep 18 2015 (about a year ago)
Pro-Line 6½ High Downforce 1/10 Buggy Wings (2)
Got this Wing for my Pro-Line Pro-2 2WD buggy The wing performs very well in mid-air off jumps of any size & handles well on front & back stretches of my track good stabilization smooth speeds out of turns & lots of down force to put the power to the rear wheels where it's needed...Adds a nice look to the buggy as well Would recommend this wing to any 1/10th 2WD buggy owner... Only Con.... After you cut wing out of mold Pre-Mount & Pre Ream your mounting holes to your buggy mounts before painting Wing.... I painted my wing 1st "after cutting it out from mold" & lost the little pre-set "Dots" on the wing used for mounting had a heck of a time lining everything up...