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John Edmond
Wednesday, Dec 8 2010 (about 5 years ago)
Pro-Line 12mm Wheel Adapters (2)
These are good to start, but you have you can only Protrac wheels. With so many other brands of rims that run hexs out, they are still pretty worthless when using these.
Mike Lettieri
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Aug 28 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Pro-Line 12mm Wheel Adapters (2)
These are a must have for the rear wheel pin drive SC10. I was tired of stripping the factory specific wheels and I wanted to share the wheels from my SCTE which have the same offset. These work as designed and it was money well spent. To prevent slippage and a lost wheel pin, make sure to use red thread lock on the set screw. Also, plenty of manufactures make 12mm wheels with a zero offset.
Will Erb
Wednesday, Aug 10 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Pro-Line 12mm Wheel Adapters (2)
I don't think they are useless. The ProTrac offset has become very popular as is shared with the SC10 4x4 and the Losi TEN-SCTE now. I plan on doing the conversion so that I can swap tires between my SC10 4x4 and my SC10 2wd. I also like that the hexes in the kit are all aluminum. I do hope Pro-Line releases the steering knuckle as a stand alone replacement part. (Maybe they do and I just haven't seen it?) Would stink to have to get a whole new front inboard hub kit to replace a broken knuckle.