PowerMaster Pre-Mixed 2-Cycle Small Engine Fuel (50:1) (One Quart)

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This is a one quart bottle of PowerMaster 50:1 Pre-Mixed 2-Cycle Small Engine Fuel. This Ethanol-Free fuel contains a minimum octane rating of 94 and contains a 50:1 oil mixture.

Ethanol-free VP-Small Engine Fuel (VP-SEF) provides easier and more dependable starts. Street gas contains ethanol, which can absorb moisture and form deposits in carburetors and fuel systems, making equipment hard to start and often requiring complete rebuilds. VP-SEF solves long-term storage problems, allowing easier starts even after equipment sits idle for months at a time. It saves money in the long run by avoiding the lost time and expense of costly rebuilds.

Available in 3 versions, each is "ready-to-use" - just pour it in. No more measuring, mixing or mess!

  • 4-cycle Unleaded fuel
  • 2-cycle Pre-Mixed with Oil (50:1)
  • 2-cycle Pre-Mixed with Oil (40:1)


  • Burns cleaner
  • Runs smoother
  • Offers better throttle response
  • Does not attract moisture
  • Won't degrade or oxidize while in storage
  • Won't leave gummy deposits in your carburetor
  • Remains stable indefinitely in a sealed container
  • Protects your fuel system
  • Extends the life of your engine
  • Avoids costly rebuilds

NOTE: VP-SEF Pre-Mixed fuel contains synthetic oil that exceeds API TC, JASO FD and ISO-L-EGD lubrication standards.

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