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Ryan H
Verified Owner
Monday, Jul 29 2013 (about 3 years ago)
ParkZone VisionAire Bind-N-Fly Electric Airplane
This is a great park flier with great power and impressive handling. It took 20 minutes to assemble and it flew great right off the bat. I've ran 20-plus packs through it with no mechanical issues. I've hit the ground hard a couple times and the plane has been very resilient. I would suggest running a 13x4 prop instead of the 12x4, especially at higher elevations (I'm at 4,500ft).
Timothy Welty
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Dec 16 2014 (about a year ago)
ParkZone VisionAire Bind-N-Fly Electric Airplane
This plane would be near perfect if it came with a Power25 or even a Power15 and a 60c battery. At least in Colorado, the OEM motor, prop and battery are not adequate for aggressive 3D flying. Ditch the BL10, get a 60c battery and this plane is awesome. The plane balances perfectly with a power25 (using the power25 prop adapter). I generally fly it off a small ball diamond in a park near my home. It slows down very nicely and drops predictably. If you live at high altitude, I strongly recommend ditching the 12x4 prop for an APC 13x4e, pull off the motor and cone and replace it with a Power15 or Power25 and a 4s lipo. The last time I enjoyed a plane as much as the VisionAire was when I owned an Eflite foam ultimate bipe. Well done Horizon Hobby!
ken edwards
Thursday, Jun 26 2014 (about 2 years ago)
ParkZone VisionAire Bind-N-Fly Electric Airplane
I really enjoy flying this plane! Before this plane I flew the champ, sky cruiser ,radian . None of them capable of what the visionaire will do. Take offs and landings were easy( even though I was very nervous) . It didn't take long before I was flying rolls,loops inverted and knife edge.(after 4-5 six minute flights). Lots of time on the simulator helped.