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William Woodruff
Saturday, Sep 11 2010 (about 6 years ago)
ParkZone Ultra Micro Sukhoi SU-26XP Bind-N-Fly
What a fantastic flying airplane! Hang on though, it's really responsive even on low rates. If your flying in the grass do yourself a favor and leave the landing gear off. With the LG on it's almost impossible to keep from cartwheeling the plane even with a plop type landing. Without the gear it's really easy to grease every landing without a scratch. The only problem I have is the way the battery is held in with a small amount of velcro. Violent manuevers pop it out, lucklily it hangs at the CG and plane is easy to land with no problem.
Brandon Fox
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Oct 27 2010 (about 6 years ago)
ParkZone Ultra Micro Sukhoi SU-26XP Bind-N-Fly
absolutly great plane this is my first micro plane im used to flying my 68" edge 540 or my 70mm edf jet and i will have to say i have a new favorite. this plane will do anything you ask it to do. i love the simple talks of charge (about 15-20mins) then plug and fly. i am glad it came bind and fly. a lot of the times you buy a kit and it has junk rx and tx but i just added a spektrum dx5e to the cart and the plane binded easy. litterally i opened the box pulled everything out charged the batt to full then went to my back yard and flew it. if you have some experiance it is easy to fly this plane on a baseball in field size area (about my back yard) only thing i would say negative it the crappy battery mounting system. its a kind of velcro/ hook and pile tape and it takes nothing to knock the batt off the underside. also the rudder/drag wheel is a little fragle maybe a carbon rod for support. also one tiny thing and this is mostly opperator error but on a landing in a gym i bounced it and took a nose dive. the prop is a tiny bit off center now. it was not a hard nose hit basically it just rolled onto the nose. i recommend this plane to everyone! it is a little jumpy vary responsive. also the plane handles wind ok. i flew it today in about 9mph wind it was not easy and no were near smooth but possible understandable due to the weight. if your thinking about buying one JUST do it cant go wrong.
Sergey Kolpakov
Friday, Jun 15 2012 (about 4 years ago)
ParkZone Ultra Micro Sukhoi SU-26XP Bind-N-Fly
it's absolutely great. you can dance in the air with it )) ALL is just perfect but a short life of a motor. Meanwhile, it's easy to replace it )
bryan clements
Friday, Sep 23 2011 (about 5 years ago)
ParkZone Ultra Micro Sukhoi SU-26XP Bind-N-Fly
Love this plane! If your looking for a plane that is snappy this is it, I'm using a DX5 Tx and it works great. If you not use to a full aerobatic plane you will have to take it easy at first and use small inputs on the stick. Two small strips of tape on both sides of the vertical stabilizer and rudder will keep it from snapping if you do a endover on landing. Plane is great for midsized fields with very lite to no wind
Randy Smith
Wednesday, Aug 17 2011 (about 5 years ago)
ParkZone Ultra Micro Sukhoi SU-26XP Bind-N-Fly
I used the tx that came with my Parkzone F4U Corsair to bind to the SU-26XP and immediately crashed when I tried to fly it. It was too responsive even with the Dual Rate turned on. I had also taken the stock prop off and put a 160x70mm prop on it for my first flight on the advice of someone who said it would give me more "hang time" while hovering. I put the stock prop back on it. I was flying in my yard and was nervous about trees and wires that eat airplanes and ended up over responding on the controls. Finally got it to a fairly open field and tried it again. After gaining some altitude I was able to fly it with the little Parkzone tx on D/R. It was still too responsive for me so I did some trading with a guy and ended up with a used Spektrum DX6i transmitter to bind the SU-26XP to. With the added benefit of the Exponential function on the DX6i I set the little Sukhoi up the dual rate and expo as described in the manual that comes with the airplane and the difference was night and day as to how I was able to fly it then. If you're between a beginner and intermediate pilot like me, you NEED the EXPO function of a radio that has it. I was landing in the grass and like someone else said, the landing gear is a hinderance in the grass. On one "landing" I tore the entire plastic landing gear holder out of the foam underbelly of the plane. It was hanging by a thread but was still attached to the fuselage so, with the aid of some foam safe CA glue you can't even tell that it happened. I also braced the leading edge of each wing by glueing a full length piece of 1.5mm carbon fiber rod to it then laying on a full length piece of clear shipping tape from the fuselage to the wing tip. The reason I did this is because I hit a guide wire from a telephone pole in my yard during one flight and it put "ding" in the leading edge of the wing. If I get to fly this morning it's going to be with the landing gear off so I can belly flop instead of nosing over which is hard on the propellers' gear shaft AND the plastic landing gear holder. This airplane is FAST on the ailerons and over controlling will make you eat some earth if you're not careful. I haven't always been careful. : - ( Before I acquired the DX6i radio I cut the fuselage top off to get a look inside at the aileron servos. Unfortunately (for me that is) there's only one aileron servo actuating both ailerons and I didn't see any way to tone it down so the ailerons wouldn't react so quickly. The more I fly it, the more I appreciate it though.