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Steve Mervau
Sunday, Jul 31 2011 (about 5 years ago)
ParkZone Ultra Micro Pole Cat Bind-N-Fly Electric Airplane
Hey all, just graduated... or at least think I have graduated to this plane. It's been up about 10 packs with a couple lil spills - no damage really, but it's not BRAND new anymore lol. I Started with the champ, which I recommend to anyone going to planes. Moreover, I still love to fly the Champ! My second plane was the micro T-28 parkzone. After a week of ripping that thing around, I felt I was ready for more. That's where our friend Ruben at A Main mentioned the Polecat. Now, both the champ and T-28 micro are great planes in their own right; nevertheless, the Pole Cat will chew them up. The Pole Cat is sooo fast, and it likes to be flown fast as well. The 3D snap roles are amazing; it's very crisp. This is not a beginner plane. Surprisingly, it fly's like the big fast racy prop planes on my Phoenix V3 sim. The Pole Cat will handle the wind better than the champ or T-28; however, the champ is still easier to fly regardless. The wind will blow you around with any of these planes. I do not recommend any wind over 10mph; obviously, any plane is better in 2-4mph wind. Pluses: 1) Bang for the buck! 2) Nice next step up from the micro T-28 3) Very smooth and precise flying setup with proper noob expo settings 4) Takes small inexpensive 1s ProTek 25c batteries that make it haul butt 5) Climbs well 6) Durable 7) Fast and handles a little wind 8) Very visible (bottom section is striped) 9) Looks really cool in the air Minuses: 1) Stupid landing gear covers 2) Not brushless I recommend a DX6i or above for the T-28, but it's a absolute must for the Pole Cat being that I am a noob. Great Radio. Be sure to set your flaps for landing this bird; it really helps out. Good luck and enjoy this bird. I know you will - SteveO
Jorge Salazar
Monday, Feb 27 2012 (about 4 years ago)
ParkZone Ultra Micro Pole Cat Bind-N-Fly Electric Airplane
Awsome little airplane, I'm fairly new to airplanes so i thought this was going to be difficult to fly but I was wrong. Not jittery and very stable, I did break off the wheel pants on it's maiden flight, but that was kind of my fault, it was too windy for this little thing.