ParkZone Sukhoi SU-29MM Bind-N-Fly Basic Electric Airplane

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This is the ParkZone Sukhoi SU-29MM Bind-N-Fly Basic Electric Airplane. Designed by champion pilot and world-class aircraft designer, Mike McConville, this airplane combines lightweight construction with a high-output brushless power system to achieve awesome 3D and precision aerobatic performance. What sets it apart is its Spektrum™ AR636 receiver with advanced SAFE™ (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology which has four flight modes, allowing experienced RC pilots to explore aggressive aerobatics with more confidence and less risk. And due to the precise fit and finish of this model, final assembly can take less than an hour. All you need is your favorite DSM2®/DSMX® compatible 6+ channel programmable transmitter and a charged 2100-2200mAh 3S 11.1V Li-Po battery.


  • SAFE™ (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology: Built into the Spektrum™ AR636 receiver and allows four flight modes:
    • Stagility Mode: Any aerobatic or 3D maneuver will immediately return to upright flight when both sticks are released.
    • AS3X® 3D Mode: Crisp response and rock-solid stability when practicing low-speed 3D maneuvers like hovers and harriers.
    • AS3X Precision Mode: Smoothes out the effects of turbulence when flying precision aerobatics at high speeds.
    • Panic Recovery Mode: Immediately returns the aircraft to upright flight with the push of a button. It can be activated at any time, in any flight mode.
  • Z-FOAM™ CONSTRUCTION: Constructed of hollow Z-Foam material and reinforced with carbon fiber. The result is a stiffer, lighter structure than solid foam.
  • POWER: High-output power system delivers the awesome vertical performance needed to perform 3D maneuvers with ease. A 40-Amp Switch-Mode BEC Brushless ESC cleanly channels power from the required 3S 11.1V 2200mAh 25C battery to the 10-size, 1250Kv BL outrunner motor.
  • VORTEX GENERATORS: Provide more control and stability when flying at slow speeds and high angles of attack.
  • 3D THROWS: Double-beveled hinges on the control surfaces make it possible to achieve the extreme control throws necessary for high alpha 3D maneuvers.
  • DIGITAL CONTROL: Each control surface is linked to a dedicated E-flite® 13g digital micro servo that add an extra level of durability due to the metal gears.
  • HIGH-VISIBILITY: The original trim scheme is both stunning and vivid from any angle. The large canopy has been tinted as an additional recognition reference.
  • PLUG-IN WINGS: The two-piece plug-in wings, secured with screws (provided) and supported with a carbon fiber wing joiner, are easy to remove for transport or repair.
  • EASY-ACCESS: Large battery hatch has a mechanical latch for easy removal and allows instant access to the flight battery tray and radio electronics.
  • DURABLE GEAR: Flexible wire landing gear and large wheels are designed to handle all kinds of abuse and make it easier to fly off grass. 

Wingspan: 44.0 in (1120mm)
Overall Length: 42.3 in (1074 mm)
Wing Area: 403 sq. in. (26.0 sq, dm.)
Flying Weight: 40.6 oz (1150 g)
Motor Size: 10-size BL10 Brushless outrunner, 1250Kv (installed)
Radio: 4+ Channel DSM2/DSMX Transmitter (minimum requirement); DSM2®/DSMX® 6+ channel programmable transmitter (recommended)
Servos: Installed
CG (center of gravity): 3.2 in. (82mm) Back at Wing Root
Wing Loading: 14.5 oz/sq. ft.
Prop Size: 12 x 4
Spinner Size: 1.93 in (49mm)
Speed Control : 40-Amp Pro ESC (installed)
Recommended Battery: 11.1V 3S 2200mAh 25C LiPo
Anti-Crash Technology:
Yes allows instant access to the flight battery tray and radio electronics.

Needed to Complete:

  • DSM2®/DSMX® compatible 6+ channel programmable transmitter
  • 2100-2200mAh 3S 11.1V Li-Po battery

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Matthew Harrold
Friday, May 29 2015 (about 2 years ago)
ParkZone Sukhoi SU-29MM Bind-N-Fly Basic Electric Airplane
13 year pilot, with intermediate 3D skills; Lay in hospital for 6 months permanently paralyzed thinking this might be a good plane to start with when I get out.

first flight scared me. Plane kept SAFE locking and when it did it would rapidly pitch nose down about a foot or two. With older DX7 I only had two modes on switch and both were SAFE active. (this may have been my radio setup). Regardless I had to dance on the sticks constantly to get the plane to fly predictably while trying to land, keeping the SAFE feature at a safe distance. Wheeew, I made it!
Reprogrammed radio after finding a good setup online, I had all modes available on 3pos switch and only one with SAFE.
I still didn't like the way it flew, oscillating so bad on high rates due to gyro gain, constantly switching modes and or rates to compensate for all this while trying to fly pattern/3D mixes I was not happy...and then found out the receiver was not re programmable...WTF??? Decided to go back to what works for me.

Through the receiver in the trash and ordered a 6210 with remote, programmed my mixes etc. Third flight now, one click of trim on two surfaces and I was hands off, almost. But it took a few attempts at trimming... It seemed nervous, but maybe it was my nervousness? I brought it in and put a 12 x 6 slow-flyer prop on it and took it up again. Ok, up lines and down lines were okay... Knife edge coupled to the canopy pretty sharply, flat spins were nice and inverted blender was rather nice as well. But still, I/it felt nervous and I just chalked it up to it being a new plane and setup, making mental notes like reducing the amount of Expo and changing some of the rate values, spoileron setting might fix knife edge coupling, etc. I called it a success and went home.
While going over things at home I discovered the servos for Stab and Rudder were sloppy at center. In fact was a little shocked at the amount of surface throw I was getting while jiggling the arm back and forth. It was, in fact, the same amount of deflection I had noted was occurring when SAFE was installed and I was getting the "one foot nose pitch". I go over to another 3D plane I have with approx. same size servos by Hitec (I forget the number but they were 20 dollar servos)...this plane has 70 flights on slop in servos detectable. I think: "note to Hitec)
Well now I know where all the nervousness was coming from!!!

Throwing the Servos in the trash and ordering new ones. Very hard to find a servo that is the exact dimensions as the 13g. I am having fits trying to find a balance of price-fit-quality.

Would I recommend this plane to a Wannabee 3D pilot No. (with programmability....mmmmmm, maybe)
Everyone else may look for something of better quality and wait for the AS3X technology to mature a while before buying in.

This is a very early review as only three flight days (9 battery packs total)at maybe an hour of total flight time have been flown. I am hoping that at least the air frame may display some fun characteristics when I get it stable.

Hope this helps.
Verified Owner
Monday, Jun 29 2015 (about 2 years ago)
ParkZone Sukhoi SU-29MM Bind-N-Fly Basic Electric Airplane
Don't waste your time or money on this plane there are a lot better 3-D planes out there. I purchased two of these and it was the biggest mistake I've ever made an RC!!)