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Jerry Molnar
Friday, Sep 9 2011 (about 5 years ago)
ParkZone Spitfire Mk IX Plug-N-Play Electric Airplane
Just got this bad boy yesterday,,, of course had to install optional retracts. Retract installation couldn't have been easier,, they just bolted right in,, wires already in place,, took all of about 5 min Let me just say right now Parkzone REALLY out did themselves on this one!!! This plane looks AWSOME and flys every bit as AWSOME as it looks!!!! No bad habits whatsoever , very easy to fly, exceptionally stable, extremely maneuverable,, will do anything you can throw at it, fantastic power off glide makes landings a breeze!!! Flys just as well at 1/3 throttle as full. Change out stock prop ( 9x7.5) for the parkzone extra 300 prop ( 10.5x9) and this baby will haul, unlimited vertical with this prop. I got about a 27amp draw static with this prop so you should be fine. Getting a good solid 5 min flight time.... Get this plane NOW!!!! You won't be disappointed ,, with retracts you can take off from asphalt and belly land in grass with gear retracted no problem,,, perfect for locations like a school yard or park.