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Tuesday, Sep 6 2011 (about 5 years ago)
ParkZone F-27Q Stryker Plug-n-Play Electric Airplane
Excellent plane and tons of fun to fly! Definitely not for the beginner as this is a plane capable of around 90mph out of the box and things happen FAST. At first it seemed like a lot of money, but you do get quite a bit for that chunk of change: 40A E-Flite ESC w/ BEC and metal heatsink 2200kv 480 size motor - can be run up to a 4S battery and over 100mph 4x Digital Metal Gear servos - very precise and smooth in the air Very nice looking and stiff airframe with detachable nose, plastic wing tip covers and belly skids At full throttle this is really a fun and exhilarating plane to fly, and literally screams which may be too loud for some small parks and residential neighborhoods. I highly recommend a transmitter capable of dual rates and exponential as even the smallest movements on the sticks at 90mph cause HUGE changes in flight. Using expo and dual rates for high speed flying makes it a lot smoother and more enjoyable to fly. When trimmed out properly it flies like it's on rails and does axial rolls so quickly it's hard to make yourself do just one. It will go vertical until almost out of sight at WOT so the motor was well chosen for this model. Do a search on RCGroups for Stryker and flat spins, boomerang and parachute landing...this model is capable of some very unique aerobatic moves. At half throttle it flies around nice and easy and is still very responsive to elevon and rudder inputs. Knife edges are almost impossible to hold for any length of time, which is to be expected with a delta pusher. Flying inverted is a breeze and requires just a bit of up elevator to maintain level flight. I've had several sub-optimal landings where the nose cone popped off. It's held on by magnets and is meant to do this as a way of saving the main airframe from damage. I've even nosed this one in HARD after a receiver interruption and only the foam was a bit compressed in the front of the wing. VERY tough plane and well worth the cost.