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Carl Spitznaugle
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jul 1 2012 (about 4 years ago)
OFNA JL 10e GT Electric Sedan Kit (ARR)
A good almost ready to run. The wheels are cheesy and the tires are hard but even so it handles good. These are easy replace though, lots of options out there wheel and tire wise. I am currently running it with a 5.5 turn ezrun brushless and a mamba max pro. I can get it up to 60 with conservative gearing. I read the above reviews and took the diffs apart and filled them with different diff oil. No breakages so far. Don't let the price scare you, this is a serious car with loads of potential at the track. I couldn't find reviews on this car so I was super sketchy about ordering it, but I'm glad I did. I think I may get into racing on road because of this kit.
J.V. An honest review....
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Dec 13 2011 (about 4 years ago)
OFNA JL 10e GT Electric Sedan Kit (ARR)
This kit is nice and will fit a 550 size motor. Ball diffs are a little weak and will need re-tightening after a few runs. After a week or so, my front diff broke. (Ordering a new one)... There are some cons with this kit though.... 1. The battery tray is horrible and small. You have to screw and unscrew FOUR screws until you can get to the battery. A regular 6 cell nimh will have a hard time fitting. A small lipo will be fine. 2. (In my opinion the worst con for this kit) The car's steering mechanism is the worst I have seen in an entry-level racing kit. The steering link attached from the servo horn will actually rub against the main center drive shaft when turning, and oh yeah there's other parts where the steering rubs against something as well. Had to get cvds. for the front. Another thing was that the spur gear is not covered, so if you're not careful, your battery wires might get scraped by the gear. (guess what happened to me) :( Oh yeah, my setup was: (traxxas xl-5 esc and AM reciever, titan 550 motor, tpro mg 996r servo) This is FAST ENOUGH!!! In all honesty this is a good kit, not great though. You will have to tweak with it and probably have to buy upgrade parts for this. Honestly, I probably won't recommend this kit and will not buy again. Thanks for reading this honest review.
Marcel Zievinger
Sunday, Apr 11 2010 (about 6 years ago)
OFNA JL 10e GT Electric Sedan Kit (ARR)
Great car !, can take a lot of abuse. it's a little weak in the gear boxes and diffs if your running brushless it can strip the bevel gears easy. The rear diff keeps losing tension, or like mine, broke the screw. get spares! Overall good car, good quality parts
Jay Jay
Monday, Jul 15 2013 (about 3 years ago)
OFNA JL 10e GT Electric Sedan Kit (ARR)
I will order this tomorrow, well for me, i will use this kit for street drag racing not for circuit, so no worry for me to the diffs and so on :-) i found out that this is a super light weight kit thats why i choose this :-)