OFNA Jammin X1x Sport 1/8 Off Road 4WD RTR Buggy

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This is the OFNA Jammin X1x Sport 1/8 Off Road 4WD RTR Buggy. The X1x Sport Nitro Ready to Rip Buggy features quality components that ensure aggressive, tight performance, right out of the box. Front universal joints and axles provide better steering and handling, while advanced steering geometry reduces bump steer, allowing the X1x to corner like it's on rails. Super Big Bore 16mm shocks with threaded, hard anodized shock bodies make adjustments easier and the 3.5mm shock shafts, dust covers & new o-ring seal provide consistent jumping and bump handling. The long travel front & rear suspension with a increased range of motion improves drive ability, and the 7075 aluminum shock towers add a level of durability that other RTR's only dream of. Other features include a .28 Engine with Large Cooling Head, Hi-DownForce Wing, Anti Fade Fiber Brake Discs, Two Piece Center Diff Mount, Top Loading Servo Saver, Tuned Pipe, Ripper Tires, and much more!

The kit also includes a Pistol Grip Transmitter, Glow Ignitor, Fuel Bottle, and Multi Piece Tool Set.


  • Comes with pre-painted, pre-trimmed Lexan body
  • Hi-Down force wing
  • Powerful .28 engine and tuned pipe,
  • Super Big Bore 16mm shocks with threaded, hard anodized shock bodies
  • Included Jammin Rippers: Square-knob pattern tires
  • Advanced steering geometry reduces bump steering
  • 7075 aluminum shock towers.
  • Long travel front & rear suspension with extended up-travel
  • Front spindles with T-Bolt Kingpin
  • Front U-Joints for greater durability and versatility
  • Laydown steering servo, with closer servo saver to reduce bump steer
  • Fiber front and rear disc brakes


Type: 4WD Off Road Ready to Run Buggy
Scale: 1/8
Chassis: 3mm Aluminum
Tire Type: Jammin Ripper
Motor or Engine: .28 with tuned pipe
Shock Type: 16mm Big Bore with Threaded Bodies
Fuel Tank Capacity: 125cc

Needed to Complete:

  • 12 AA Batteries for Radio System, or 8 AA Batteries and rechargeable reciever pack w/appropriate charger
  • 1 - D Cell battery for Glow Ignitor
  • 20% Nitro Fuel

This product was added to our catalog on November 12, 2009.

Dale Robertson
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jun 1 2010 (about 7 years ago)
OFNA Jammin X1x Sport 1/8 Off Road 4WD RTR Buggy
Ok, here's the deal on the ofna jammin'. Awesom buggy! Runs like hell! But, I only started it 4 times and the spring on the pull starter busted and the string broke. And yes, I made sure that I was very careful while pulling. It seems that the pipe may have burnt the string and made it weak, I'm not sure. It just isn't a good pull starter for the compression that the Jammin' .28 engine generates. I am now about to spend another $80.00 on a shaft start kit. It really sucks that it broke so soon, I mean it should have at least lasted longer than that. Not only did the string break but the tension spring also broke right where it connects to the puller. Once I took it apart, I could see that it was not very durable looking, in fact, the way it broke, it may have already been cracked (the spring). Anyway, I'm still happy with the buggy but c'mon OFNA, lets make sure that the pull start is going to deliver. Sure, you can argue that I was pulling too hard or something like that but i'm no rookie. I had a GS Storm with a pull start and it never broke after running it for a year. So, kikass buggy, crappy pull start. It's as simple as that. So I ended up just getting a starter box. So now I'm spoiled, will never waste time on a pullstart again! You just cant beat it. Smooth, fast, and easy starting. It's GREAT for tuning also. I'm at 3 gallons of fuel through it now, and the buggy is running as strong as it was when I got it!! Only a couple of mods and your taking it to the local track with nothing to fear! -//- Awesome review Scott! I just ordered mine so the experience still awaits, but reading your review definately brought some relief. I have been online for days looking for the right buggy. I think I found it, OFNA is a name i have always heard from the winners. I'll be back when it arrives to share my experience. L8R.)
Sean Norbury
Monday, Nov 28 2011 (about 6 years ago)
OFNA Jammin X1x Sport 1/8 Off Road 4WD RTR Buggy
The engine I see in the buggy isn't a Jammin JPX engine, it looks like the old Force engine which was powerful but not very reliable.)
John Bucur
Verified Owner
Thursday, Feb 3 2011 (about 7 years ago)
OFNA Jammin X1x Sport 1/8 Off Road 4WD RTR Buggy
It has been 1 day since I opened the box to start the break in and my clutch bearings already went out! I had to take the motor out and i found a bunch of debris from the bearings. Other then that the buggy is a good starter.)
Ryan S
Verified Owner
Monday, Aug 6 2012 (about 5 years ago)
OFNA Jammin X1x Sport 1/8 Off Road 4WD RTR Buggy
A great entry level buggy! Pros: You get a real platform... real big bore threaded shocks that work great, a solid drivetrain that doesn't wear, lots of available upgrades. Cons: The only downside to this buggy is the servos (plastic gear) are cheap and will likely die on you after some use. Overall it's a great kit. Yes the radio is cheap, but it seems the money went towards the actual car. Yes it's a .28 size motor which isn't ROAR legal for racing, but I imagine no one will be racing it without upgrades.)
Jonathan Bunton
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Nov 29 2011 (about 6 years ago)
OFNA Jammin X1x Sport 1/8 Off Road 4WD RTR Buggy
nice buggy chassis, and mainly the build of the buggy was good, indestructable. but the motor and electronics are junk. the motor has power dont get me wrong but it didnt las long.)
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Mar 2 2010 (about 8 years ago)
OFNA Jammin X1x Sport 1/8 Off Road 4WD RTR Buggy
Easy to find parts for this car on the web, both replacements and upgrades. I only care about fuel and plugs at my local shop. I can wait for everything else. Itís nice that parts from previous X1 series buggies work. Iím not racing it and I never will. This is purely a stress reliever and fun around the yard basher. It works awesome for this purpose. I've only had the kit for about a month so I can't speak to durability over the long haul, but I don't always play nice and it's holding up just fine. Everything was in the kit and ready to go. I went straight to engine break-in by simply adding fuel, batteries, and bolting on the tires. Everything worked perfect. Read the instructions at least 3-4 times and make sure you are clear on the operating procedures before firing it up and only pull the starter about 5-6 inches when starting or you will be taking off the recoiler and fixing the spring. This was my first and only repair, and it was all my fault for trying to go after it like my weed-whacker. The radio and servos work great for my running around. I'm in the burbs with lost of houses around and I get very good range without any interference so far. Speed is relative, but I feel this buggy definitely has enough power. Itís fun to watch all four tires flatten up into what look like saucer shapes when you whack the throttle open. It works perfectly in p1ss1ng off all of my neighbors as it sounds like a 1000 rabid cats screaming. Sweet. I saved up for a nitro buggy and wanted the best for the money I had. This fit the bill perfectly for me and thanks to Amain, I still have a little scratch left for supplies and the possibility of broken parts.

Absolutely eye-opening and exciting for a nitro rc beginner (me).
Everything is relative in comparison to what you are looking for, but I am completely satisfied with this purchase.)