OFNA Jammin .12 Non-Pull Start Engine

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This is the Ofna Jammin' .12 Rear Exhaust Off-Road Engine without Pull Starter. Ideal for the Ofna CRT.5 Mini Truggy.

ABC construction three port liner, bushing equipped connecting rod Ball bearing-supported crankshaft Composite bodied Slide Valve Carburetor with Red silicone boot Red anodized aluminum cooling head SG type balanced crankshaft

  • Bore: .54" (13.80mm)
  • Stroke: .55" (14mm)
  • Displacement: .12 cu in (2.1cc)
  • RPM: 29,000
  • Claimed Horsepower: 1 HP
  • Weight: 7.7oz (220g)
  • Width between mounting holes same side: .43" (11mm)
  • Width between mounting holes opposite side: 1.2" (32mm)
  • Crankcase width below mounting tabs : .98" (25mm)
  • Distance from coverplate to drive hub: 2.7" (69mm)
  • Distance from coverplate to end of crankshaft: 3.2" (81mm)
  • Height/bottom of crankcase to top of cylinder head: 3.5" (88mm)
  • Height/bottom of mounting tabs to top of cyinder head: 2.9" (74mm)

Needle Settings
  • Needle Valve: 3-3 turns from closed
  • Low Speed Needle: 5 turns out from closed
  • Barrel Stop Screw: 1/16" gap to start new engine, open more for faster idle

Ofna Jammin' .12 Rear Exhaust Off-Road Engine, drive hub and parts list

This product was added to our catalog on July 3, 2007.

Sunday, Aug 30 2009 (about 7 years ago)
OFNA Jammin .12 Non-Pull Start Engine
This motor came in my crt.5 rtr and it's AWESOME. Will be buying it again once mine is run to hell. Can't say that for many RTR motors these days so thats really sayin' something.)
Eric Cortez
Saturday, Apr 4 2009 (about 8 years ago)
OFNA Jammin .12 Non-Pull Start Engine
Will this fit in the team losi xxnt adam drake kit?)
Dale Zalusky
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jan 24 2009 (about 8 years ago)
OFNA Jammin .12 Non-Pull Start Engine
Awesome motor for the money!!! You can't go wrong!!)
menardo matos
Sunday, Jul 13 2008 (about 9 years ago)
OFNA Jammin .12 Non-Pull Start Engine
what clutch shoes and bell should i use for stock gearing on the xxx-nt?
Thanks for your help -//- Samuel, i can't seem to find the one your talking about. Part number? Are you talking about the regular gt or the gt2? -//- How did you get this to fit your AD2 i just bought this engine and didn't realize it had the SG shaft.)
Samuel Brock
Thursday, Jul 12 2007 (about 10 years ago)
OFNA Jammin .12 Non-Pull Start Engine
the stock number is LX3377 and its at tower, that one will work! -//- yeah its a pain in the ass, but you can do it... use a AE RC 10 GT clutch setup BUT you have to buy the SMALL fly wheel not the REG size one IT HAS TO BE the SMALL ONE... A main doesnt sell it Tower hobbies sells one made by MIP and nitrohouse sells them too both the AE brand one and the MIP brand

You have to use the AE shoes CB as well also and you'll be good its just a pain in the ass lol but sweet little 100 dollar mill -//- This is a sick!! 100 dollar motor....I run it in my Losi AD2 (wish they made it with a rotary carb would make it alot more simple! and standered shaft) but anyways....100 bucks! and this motor SCREAMS and has plenty of bottom more then you can use in 2wd truck unless your running on a velcro track with velcro tires lol..... its quicker then alot of 200+ dollar motors and SUPER easy to tune, Only bad thing if you get 3 gallons out of it BE HAPPY if your running 30% race blend so far ive been through 2 of them like that and both lasted about 3 gallons (i have not been able to find new piston and sleeves so just bought new motors) the one im useing now im running differnt (they like to be run around 190-200 degrees) what i have done is started running 10% nitro in it still makes plenty of power (i only notice a power loss from the 10% wayyy in the top end down low there really the same) Iam through 5 1/2 gallons right now! the motors still tight and has some pinch left in it i dont see a problem of getting 9-10 gallons out of this one...I have bought 1 more and broke it in already as a back up! you really can not beat this motor....more less if you want a SWEET little .12 theres no reason to spend 200+ for ALOT of motor when you can get two of these for less then some OS, Rossi, RB (I run ONLY RB other then this motor and for me giving credit to another brand of motor is very rare and says alot) just playing around on asphalt it will make my truck wheelie EASY and roll over if not careful if im under like 15 MPH (stock gearing) So it does have LOTS of bottom.)