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michael sanchez
Wednesday, Apr 13 2011 (about 5 years ago)
OFNA Hyper 8.5x RTR 1/8 Competition Buggy Kit (w/Macstar .28)
Great "sport" buggy! Take a look at the Pro edition for the CNC upgrades! These will probably be your first replacment parts list! But with AMain hobbies, atleast you will be able find the parts at a resonable price, and fast shipping. CNC >> steering knuckles, rear hub carrier, pin holders FR/BK, chassis brace FR/BK, after the upgrades I have realy been able to test this buggy out! It's built like a tank! The Mac .28 engine that it comes with SUX, blows way to many holes, even after sealing the engine! Runnin a DYN .21 Mach 2 now!
Mcclellan James
Tuesday, Feb 14 2012 (about 4 years ago)
OFNA Hyper 8.5x RTR 1/8 Competition Buggy Kit (w/Macstar .28)
wong sounds like a beginner!!!! You might be better off buying a Duratrax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charles Thompson
Tuesday, Jul 19 2011 (about 5 years ago)
OFNA Hyper 8.5x RTR 1/8 Competition Buggy Kit (w/Macstar .28)
I think I have the standard Hyper 8 w some 8.5 upgrades..bought it off eBay as a roller for $163.50..put in a Hitec HS-645MG and JR DS-821 servos..running a Sirio .27 Monster Big Block w Tiger Drive..running Pro-Line Crime Fighter, Hole Shot tires..great Off-road buggy..tough, durable; great looks; good speed
Edward Mundy
Verified Owner
Monday, Mar 7 2011 (about 5 years ago)
OFNA Hyper 8.5x RTR 1/8 Competition Buggy Kit (w/Macstar .28)
Great buggy, lots of fun. Well built and lots of power giving it has a .28 bigblock in it. Still tuning it but takes off like a rocket. Just look on the Internet for carb settings n what valves are what cuz the book doesn't tell you. But again it's a great, well built car for the price. Get one if u get the chance!
trent pastir
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Aug 26 2009 (about 7 years ago)
OFNA Hyper 8.5x RTR 1/8 Competition Buggy Kit (w/Macstar .28)
great car well built, came in box with some weird tire settings and the engine was kinda difficult to tune, and the servo went out but if you replace the servos and tweak it just right this is a great car
mark kamphuis
Tuesday, Apr 28 2009 (about 7 years ago)
OFNA Hyper 8.5x RTR 1/8 Competition Buggy Kit (w/Macstar .28)
This buggy performs very well. Once broke in the engine is very surprising as far as power. I have no problems with the engine and quite honestly have not found the need for more. I race the buggy at Daytona and for me everything it does well. I also have a factory team RC8 and I have to admit that this buggy does well compared to it. It absorbs the terrain very nicely and really turns in good when properly set up. The above review must have had some very severe set up issues because this buggy performs above what I expected. Very close to the full on race version.
Samuel Brock
Sunday, Jun 15 2008 (about 8 years ago)
OFNA Hyper 8.5x RTR 1/8 Competition Buggy Kit (w/Macstar .28)
Also Wong... if you have no steering travel (the hyper 8 (.5) has the most steering travel of any buggy out there....check the duel rates on your radio and use a 5 cell 6V pack for power not the 4 cell holder with reg batts... they are STD servos remember that dont think there gonna throw the car around with lots of power they arent... but add a 6V pack and they will have more power and speed... and like i said if you have no steering throw check and make sure your duel rates are set for max throw. Hope this helps take care. -//- Wong.. This buggy will not run 55 MPH...but it will run around 40 MPH....I own 4 Hyper 8.5 pros.... I dont run RTRs however if you are looking for a RTR track car This is it! no RTR has good servos there trying to keep cost down and Servos of high quality cost plenty....I broke one of these in for a friend and the macstar is not a bad engine in fact its a really good engine for a RTR it broke in easy and held a tune well... the guy i broke it in for had no nitro EXP at all.. and he had no problem tuning it.......Now you saying this buggy only would run 10 MPH? thats crazy and who ever told you 55MPH is crazy.. my 8.5 with a C6BBT in it prolly wont run 55MPH close but i doubt that fast unless i gear it with like a 16-17T CB.....thats a 500 dollar engine plus 130 dollar mod on it.....a 100 dollar RTR engine isnt gonna put out that kinda power...... the 8.5 is a GREAT buggy.... I have owned all pro buggys and by far the 8.5 is the best handling smoothest and best jumper out of them all.... the Hyper 8 was a great car to start with and the few key updates they did to it makes it a wicked sweet buggy. now it running 10 MPH well chances are you had it VERY VERY VERY rich VERY can take the fastest engine out there and make it so rich that full throttle wont hardly move the car because it loads up with so much fuel on top it cant spin any RPM's.......even at break in needle settings it wouldnt be that rich so you had to open it up prolly another turn to get it that rich....Dont hate on this car its the best RTR track car on the market by far....and not only do i say that read RC car actions review on it and a few other mags reviews.... I could take this car to the track STOCK only extra thing is a 5 cell REC pack (stock servos) and put this car in the A-B main just the way it is... im a top of the field A main driver and any track i go to, and would turn fast laps with a RTR with this buggy... this buggy with a fast .21 and good servos will run and handle as good as the pro kit....its just not gonna be a durable........people if you have 490 bucks and want a very fast high quality RTR for the track this is your buggy......its as simple as that.
mark crider
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jun 8 2008 (about 8 years ago)
OFNA Hyper 8.5x RTR 1/8 Competition Buggy Kit (w/Macstar .28)
To bad Wong you must of got a lemon,great buggy for a rtr, no problems in break in,a little loose in the motor not like a Picco or Force motor.Any nitro you have to make ajustments to them thats part of it.Speed is great,handles great,but i'am using a Skeptrum DX3.
David Esquivel
Monday, Jun 2 2008 (about 8 years ago)
OFNA Hyper 8.5x RTR 1/8 Competition Buggy Kit (w/Macstar .28)
Timothy, you are wong. LOL! I broke in one of these buggies and it is definately a winner. I broke it in using the heat cycle method. It scoots and turns on a dime. Timothy, if your servos are sucking, chances are your receiver pack is low/dead. That is what happened with my Chaos (Bad AAA battery from the package.). I highly recommend this buggy to anyone looking for an RTR that can handle its own at the track. The price is also hard to beat with the included 8.5 conversion. A Main Hobbies is the price to beat.
Wednesday, Apr 30 2008 (about 8 years ago)
OFNA Hyper 8.5x RTR 1/8 Competition Buggy Kit (w/Macstar .28)
Wow...Ok...admittedly, the stock engine and servos aren't very good. Same can be said for most RTRs on the market. I raced the RTR buggy for a good portion of last summer. With upgraded servos and engine (Ace DS1313 and Werks B3 /2013 combo) and this buggy was very solid for me, on the track. I didn't break anything. And I was turning very consistent, fast laps. I'm pretty much a CMain or worse driver, lol. Quick laps on my home track avg around 34 sec. I was turning consistent low 36 and high 35 sec laps, which would easily put me in the B if not betterThis was the best I've run with any buggy. All in all, I was very happy with the buggy.
timothy wong
Verified Owner
Thursday, Mar 13 2008 (about 8 years ago)
OFNA Hyper 8.5x RTR 1/8 Competition Buggy Kit (w/Macstar .28)
This car has the looks but it cannot back it up, AT ALL!!!!!! First off max speed of 55 mph more like 15mph. I ran 4 tanks of gas though it to break it in, then i started to drive it around the driveway just to experience that the car only went 10 mph. I don't know what happened:break drag,horrible engine,uneven wheels,bad cluch.But i do know that the servos suck!!!!!!!!.the wheels won't even turn fully. they have about 2 inches of movment, then when i let go of the wheel the wheels don't even come back to starting position.Defenitley not worth the money. My brother has a rc8 rtr just spend 70 more dollars and get it, way better