OFNA DM-1 Spec RTR M-Type 1/8th Nitro On Road Sedan w/ Force .28 Motor

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This is the OFNA DM-1Spec RTR Nitro Onroad sedan with Force .28 Motor. The DM-1Spec was designed to have just one thing on its mind...racing! More specifically, it is designed for ROAR Race GTS class. Tightly based on the original 1/7th DM-1 Sedan, the 1/8th DM-1Spec offers a number of changes, including a shorter wheelbase, that all help to give you an advantage over the competition. The addition of a clutch type 2-speed center diff provides blistering speeds for making short work of long straights. When you get your hands on a DM-1Spec you will know exactly why this car begs to be raced!

  • Radio Gear and Force .28 Motor Included
  • 2-Speed Transmission
  • Front Universals
  • CNC Lightened Chassis
  • M-Type Body
  • 2 Chambered Polished Pipe
  • Front & Rear Sealed Diffs
  • Rear Diffuser Creates More Down Force
  • Adjustable Sway Bars Front & Rear
  • Front & Rear Pivot Ball Suspension
  • Lay Down Steering & Throttle Servos
  • Sealed Radio & Battery Box
  • Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Adjustable Up & Down Stops
  • Heavy Duty Front Bumper
  • 3-Shoe Racing Clutch
  • Large 13cc Hard Anodized Shocks
  • CNC Lower Engine Mount
  • Aluminum Steering Rack
  • High Traction Treaded Tires
  • 125cc Fuel Tank
  • Adjustable Roll Center

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Joshua Mooney
Thursday, Apr 4 2013 (about 4 years ago)
OFNA DM-1 Spec RTR M-Type 1/8th Nitro On Road Sedan w/ Force .28 Motor
I have had this car for about a month now and here is what I have learned. The radio that comes with it isn't horrible but I have an MT-4 and used it instead. The servos that come with this car are CRAP. I capitalized crap because lower case does not justify how horrible they are. lol. So before driving it I changed them to Savox 1257 and 1258 for throttle and steering. They work perfectly for this application. I checked over everything and set my servo throws and just before mounting my final tire I found one that was not glued on the one side. Just one side of one tire, but as with and RTR check it over anyways, screws, tires, servos, everything. Break-in went very smooth and the engine once tuned runs AWESOME. This engine is very underrated for an RTR motor. It has gobs of power all the way from stopped to full throttle and I have had it idle for over 3 minutes once. I come from off-road racing so I set -1 camber front and rear and this was a mistake, I have since changed it to 0 degrees camber and the wear is like it should be, right down the middle. I have had nothing break in my 15-20 tanks and the 2 speed was set perfectly IMO from the factory. One final note, the tires wear very quickly especially driving it hard, I will have to order some in another tank or so. So I would plan on needing new ones around 12-15 tanks if your camber is set properly. I also balanced these tires/wheels from the first tank and I believe I increase my tire life at minimum 3-5 tanks. I plan on getting one of these cars for the wife very soon.)
Issam Al Jandali
Sunday, Mar 11 2012 (about 5 years ago)
OFNA DM-1 Spec RTR M-Type 1/8th Nitro On Road Sedan w/ Force .28 Motor
It is a really very nice street R/C. No modification required... do not follow advises on changing the engine, it is quite powerful compared with the body weight. Only make sure to fix 2.4 GHZ and rock and roll)