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Kenny Leep
Verified Owner
Monday, Apr 7 2014 (about 2 years ago)
OFNA "Dirt Pro" 1/8 Late Model Body (Clear)
The first one i got, had some small defects, ( slight wrinkles, small scratches). I thought it would be ok. I went ahead with it. It is a very tough durable body, raced every other weekend all last summer. It held up very well, only a couple of small cracks. I also like the looks and it seemed to have good downforce, with the add on spoiler( wing). I just got another one today and i am very dissapointed, while looking it over i found some more slight wrinkles, and a big dent in the side. They raised the price and it looks like the quality is not as good. I thought about sending it back but the next one might not be any better. There label on the bag it came in says QUALITY PARTS Im not seeing it. Im not sure how or where it got damaged. The box it came in was slightly crushed on the oppisite side of where the dent was. I will not buy this body again.