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Nitro Nerd
Thursday, Sep 25 2014 (about 2 years ago)
OFNA 053 Polished Off Road Tuned Pipe
I tested out ~15 pipes on the F4.6 in my Savage....everything from low-end stock pipes up through Nova and Werks series of pipes. While I found it surprising, this 053 was the best pipe for that engine. I would not recommend this pipe on engines that have high-rpms (or any modded engine), as this mid-range pipe can choke down the RPMs. However, I can explicitly say that this pipe is as much if not better of an upgrade to the Savage than getting an LRP engine as so many people tend to do. The only disadvantage to this pipe (if running on an HPI Savage) is the manifold exhaust plate can tear through the roto-start gear box if the truck lands on its a$$. This is easily mitigated by firming up the rear with a better bumper or stronger shock tower, or you can simply dremel the plate so it's curved. Often people either want high-speed or torque pipes, but mid-range pipes such as this can really provide a smooth power-band to any engine that is a little 'snappy'. Definitely recommend this pipe for any RTR engine, especially the F4.6.