O'Donnell Speed Blend Racing Fuel 30% (One Quart)

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This is one quart of O'Donnell 30% Speed Blend Racing Fuel. For years, O'Donnell Racing Fuel has been the standard by which other fuels are measured, and O'Donnell Speed Blend takes fuel to the next level. Perfecting a successful fuel takes time and superior ingredients. Speed Blend features an advanced 7.5% synthetic/castor oil package, computer-controlled blending and the finest raw materials available to provide you with the extreme rpm, smooth idle, crisp throttle response and long run times that high-stakes competition demands.

Remember, a % number is not the only indicator of "protection" in model engine fuels. The type and quality of the oil package ingredients is just as important as the content %. Rest assured that Speed Blend has been extensively tested and is just as "safe" as any competitor's fuel regardless of their claimed oil package content. The old thinking that "more oil is better" is simply not true. O'Donnell Speed Blend equals or exceed all of the other brands in reliability and protection.

Speed Blend Provides:

  • Smooth idle
  • Crisp throttle response
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Cooler engine temperatures
  • High RPM
  • Clean burning
  • No staining


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Marco Monteiro
Friday, Mar 31 2017 (about a year ago)
O'Donnell Speed Blend Racing Fuel 30% (One Quart)
Terrible fuel, too much nitro for almost no oil in it, tested with many different engines but they will all run very hot and if you live in a hot/humid area you will damage your engine very soon no matter how you tune.

I had to run my engines very rich in order to keep the temperature to an acceptable level but the performance was nowhere better than a 25% nitro from Byron 25/11 for instance.

OS engines are very stable and accept any fuel but still this one messed up with my 21XZ-R Speed temperature and performance. If you run Novarossi forget it, these engines are very sensitive to plug change and nitro content. Could not get a few 21 onroad Nova's to even hold a descent idle. On RB engines as you might know, they use Nova parts too so it is the same nightmare. Lost couple of plugs in all engines trying to find the correct tune until I stressed out and threw the fuel away.

No point going only 5% higher nitro content if you cannot find a descent tune to keep the engine running smooth and with good temperature.

I can't recommend this.
Mike Bayus
Sunday, May 14 2017 (about a year ago)
O'Donnell Speed Blend Racing Fuel 30% (One Quart)
Please observe the intended use of this fuel(off-road). I would not recommend this fuel be used in a high sustained rpm situation(on-road/open fields). Also, it is not recommended that this fuel be used as a break-in fuel. Once your high quality nitro engine has been broken in properly and thoroughly, this is the best fuel for racing. I have learned from personal experience that this fuel is outstanding in performance and protection. Its important to keep a watchful eye on glow plug readings and atmospheric conditions so that the tuning of the engine is optimal. This fuel, after break-in process(.5 gallon) will yield crisp needle setting that will provide that off idle response off-road racers love. I can assure you that this fuel is the best on the market, and is for expert tuners only. Please use conservative needle settings initially until you become familiar with the oil package and your nitro engine setup. Good Luck! BRAPPPP....