O.S. OS Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition Off-Road Nitro Buggy Engine

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The OS Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition Off-Road Buggy Engine gives you the power needed to make it to the top of the podium. This special Speed B21 engine is packed with upgrades from champion Adam Drake. Itís a terrific choice for trucks and buggies that delivers competition-caliber performance for demanding drivers. Featuring a semi-long stroke, this engine also boasts a DLC crankshaft with double tungsten counterweight and a redesigned cylinder lining with updated porting.

  • Designed and tested to Adam Drake's race-winning specifications
  • Great for buggies and trucks
  • Redesigned cylinder liner with optimized porting
  • Redesigned DLC crankshaft with double tungsten counterweight
  • Semi-long stroke configuration
  • 6.5 and 8.0 mm carburetor reducers
  • Ceramic rear bearing
  • 21J carburetor

Displacement: 0.213 cu in (3.49cc)
Bore: 0.646" (16.4mm)
Stroke: 0.652" (16.55mm)
Practical RPM: 4,000-42,000 RPM
Output: 2.65PS 34,000 RPM, 2.61HP @ 34,000RPM
Weight: 12.45oz (353g)

This product was added to our catalog on February 16, 2018.

travis barona
Monday, Jan 3 2011 (about 7 years ago)
O.S. OS Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition Off-Road Nitro Buggy Engine
i have 2 of these and let me tell you that for 270 ea. these are next to free. i guess this engine would be most comparable to the ninja ect. an everybodys trying to get these out because its old but man for 270 you can not go wrong. this thing moves..... i now use the new v speed but thats almost 500 bucks. ive got it to blow but if you do not and still want to be competative this is your move. this depending on your luck and driving skill will run with the 500 engines)
Spencer Wass
Wednesday, May 26 2010 (about 7 years ago)
O.S. OS Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition Off-Road Nitro Buggy Engine
You are smart.

It is mandatory to disassemble every new engine no matter who manufactured it. Most times I find shrapnel in the crankcase and I have even seen bearings that are completely unusable without ever being used. When I don't take the time to poke around in the crankcase, the plug will get fouled up with metal and the top of the piston will tell me that I should have looked before starting. :/

I am going to pick up one of these VZB's, the cooling head looks useful for when the rest of the motor dies.

Ninja JX21 Motors: Have 2 MP9's with these motors, the bottom and top end is excellent plus one of them is up there near 12 gallons! The cooling heads are a bit heavy, but the motors are great.)
Mike Bellotti
Tuesday, Mar 23 2010 (about 7 years ago)
O.S. OS Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition Off-Road Nitro Buggy Engine
i have been running o.s. for the past 6 years. its all i run and probably all i ever will. the ninja is an awesome engine and it has tons of power. but i have now tried it once again to give it a second chance. and it is just blah in comparison to the speed. the 5 port sleeve is just weak. im opinionated. my modifier/fuel sponsor believes that they arent the greatest either considering the longevity. but hey to each his own. they haul the mail. ive just always been a fan of the v-spec. the cases are definitely weak. i can agree on that. either route you go whether it be this or the ninja. ive just had better experiences with the v-spec line. -//- you guys are high as a kite. the ninja happens to be the worst engine o.s. makes. i have ran one. the thing lost pinch at a half a gallon and i never went back to it again. the o.s. v-spec is a great mill. i do agree that parts quality sucks but thats why i run the speed. its fast and i can get 9 gallons out of it no problem. yes they have their issues. i have cracked 3 cases. but if you take the speed internals, and run them in the ninja case, you have a great engine thats built to last.)
Tuesday, Apr 20 2010 (about 7 years ago)
O.S. OS Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition Off-Road Nitro Buggy Engine
Mike Bellotti, Once you loose pinch does not mean that the engine is bad, perhaps you may have more compression than before unless you brake it in wrong. Any engine with proper brake in and proper tuning will lose the pinch, there when they come alive (compression). Reducing the amount of metal pinch means that the break in is shorter, easier and also results in less strain on the rod bushings and crank pin = longer life expectancy of these parts.

About the engine is just as good as his brother or the ninja, lol. just a little fancy and pricy.)
Shawn Stevenson
Tuesday, Apr 13 2010 (about 7 years ago)
O.S. OS Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition Off-Road Nitro Buggy Engine
Cool looking V-Spec, I would rather get a Ninja for cheaper though if you are going to run this. If you are going to buy it to collect then it's pretty cool.

LMAO. Mike you say the Ninja sucks yet you run a Speed. The Piston, Con Rod, Carb are the same as the Speed. The Crank is the same except for the counter weights. And the case is better on the Ninja then the Speed because it's thicker and doesn't crack like a lot of speed cases have. Other then the Ninja having 5 ports to the Speeds 3 the sleeves are made the same way and last just the same. The Ninja has to be one of the greatest O.S. based motors and when you compare the prices, the Ninja is way more bang for your buck. If you think the Ninja sucks then your not going to like the Speed. O.S. engines are known to loss mechanical pinch very soon, but that doesn't mean it loses compression. Personally I think the Ninja is a better truggy engine then the Speed, it has a harder hitting bottom end suitable for a truggy. However, the Speed would be better for a buggy because of the smoother powerband from the counterweight crank and 3 port sleeve. Both engines are top of the line and work great. So to say the Ninja sucks and loses compression, yet the Speed is awesome just doesn't make sense. They are 60% identical, and the rest of the parts are made the same way so theres no reason for one to lose compression early and the other to last way longer.)
Brendo Rivera
Tuesday, Mar 30 2010 (about 7 years ago)
O.S. OS Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition Off-Road Nitro Buggy Engine
Post 2 and 3 are people who doesn't know what they are talking about. If you look closely at the cooling head, you will know why it's the best. Anything you wouldn't take good care, will not last. I myself and the guys here in Qatar used to run this engine with 30% heli fuel and despite the unwanted climate condition....everybody is saving themselves $350 for a second engine.)
Sunday, Mar 7 2010 (about 7 years ago)
O.S. OS Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition Off-Road Nitro Buggy Engine
The last two replys are nuts. If you change a con rod you also change the wrist pin, that goes for any engine. Ive owned three of these v spec engines and all have made over 10 gallons of fuel with nothing more than a carb rebuild.
Cant see spending 350 for this limited edition engine unless your a collector.
If you take care of your stuff, it will last. Poster 2 and 3 are fools. O.S. Engines are top of the line.)
Robert Knasel
Thursday, Feb 25 2010 (about 7 years ago)
O.S. OS Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition Off-Road Nitro Buggy Engine
Glad to see this engine finally go. It was easy to tune, but did not last. The crankshaft pin is too soft so when you go to put a new connecting rod in, the crankshaft pin is worn out. Might as well throw the engine away a buy a new one. O.S. is maybe finally going to produce a engine that is going to be good, like the one they make for Ninja. The JX-21 is an example of what O.S. is capable of making, a engine with monster bottom end and has the right crankshaft to last. As far as customer service, I dont think it could be any worse. I had a old V-Spec that the crankcase cracked down the spline, this was before they redesigned the case, they would even admit that O.S. redesigned the case, and therefore they said they could not help me. I will only buy a v-spec if they come out with a new design. Currently run the JX-21 and it is the best engine on the market. My two cents, Rob Knasel)