Reviews for Novarossi Special Rear Bearing 14.5x26x6 (Plus 21-5) [NVR16001]

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jeffrey tran
Verified Owner
Saturday, May 17 2008 (about 8 years ago)
Novarossi Special Rear Bearing 14.5x26x6 (Plus 21-5)
The reason I bought this bearing was to replace the rear ceramic I had in my Novarossi 35 Plus 21 LC Edition engine, because I've heard that ceramic balls can explode without any warning signs, unlike steel which shows wear or feeling notchy/gritty. So bottom line is it is heavier indeed but will last longer in nitro engines (ceramics may have a reaction to nitro fuel). In addition, members in my 1/8th on-road club have experienced the whole ceramic mess while racing. I'd rather pay a little more now then pay a lot later unexpectedly. =)