Novarossi CX12R2/N .12 Side Exhaust Off-road 3 Port Std Crank, Std Plug Rotary Carb

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This is the Novarossi brand CX12R2/N .12 off-road racing engine. Smooth power delivery with excellent top end, this is one of the fastest side exhaust engines you can get for 2wd off-road gas truck racing! This version comes with a standard crank, standard plug, rotary carb and side exhaust port.

This engine will work with any 1/10th scale off-road gas truck such as the Team Associated RC10GT, Factory Team GT, Losi XXX-NT Drake Edition, Kyosho GP Ultima ST Evolution and Mugen MST-1.

Displacement: 2.1cc
Maximum Power: 1.05hp
R.P.M.: 35,500
Bore: 13.80mm
Stroke: 14.04mm
Ports: 3
Piston type: Die-cast
Crankshaft: 11mm STD
Glow Plug Type: Standard
Exhaust Type: Side
Carburetor: 5.4mm Rotary
Carburetor Material: Aluminium Alloy
Carburetor Adjustement: Single

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Marshall Skare
Tuesday, Mar 10 2009 (about 8 years ago)
Novarossi CX12R2/N .12 Side Exhaust Off-road 3 Port Std Crank, Std Plug Rotary Carb
Be aware that according to Novarossi, this is a sedan engine, not an off-road engine. I ran one of these in my GT2 last year, and it took a lot of work to get it to be less peaky. They are ridiculously fast engines, but they're also very difficult to drive in an off-road vehicle. I bet they work awesome in a sedan though!)
Erick Santiago
Tuesday, Dec 18 2007 (about 9 years ago)
Novarossi CX12R2/N .12 Side Exhaust Off-road 3 Port Std Crank, Std Plug Rotary Carb
Well I just finished the break'in on her, gave it about 9 tanks 20% nitro keeping her at around 200deg.
And this engine does feel excellent in the power and revs department it has MORE top compared to my 12TG and is really (really) sensitive to carb adjustments, also I had to switch to an O.S. A3 plug to keep it on and smooth at idle after that I had no trouble with break'in (maybe it's because of the cool weather)
So for now it feels good but it does feel kind of loose for such a new engine only time will tell.
I will post again if I have any problems with it.)
Samuel Brock
Friday, Jul 13 2007 (about 10 years ago)
Novarossi CX12R2/N .12 Side Exhaust Off-road 3 Port Std Crank, Std Plug Rotary Carb
I run only RB motors now....however i used to run this motor in one of my AD2's and WOW i have never seen a side EX rotory carb motor make power EVERYWHERE like this thing. if it wasnt for me trying my best to get on RB'S team then i would still run this motor. I had atleast 6 gallons on her before i retired her and sold it...still really tight and wasnt even close to needing a will love this motor i assure you...I also have been running that new jammin .12 as a play motor and have a review on it....if you have a 100 bucks to spend that is the motor read my review on it! this motor is well worth 170 i would pay 200 for it if i still run its standered shaft and rotory carb! makes it SUPER easy to drop in you XXX-NT... this motor will give you 18+ mins on a tank when tuned slightly lean on race day...15+ mins when tuned rich on play days. this motor also RESPONDS TO TUNE LIKE NO OTHER! (IT DOES NOT LIKE TO BE RUN HOT!!!! KEEP HER ABOUT 190-200 and you will be making all the power you need and also making the motor last) one more thing! take this as a word of the wise! run 15% nitro dont use 30% theres no need when running 2WD Truck you wont notice a diff between 15% and 30% no where other then WAY UP HIGH IN THE RPM RANGE down low and mid you wont notice a it will help keep engine temps lower and increase run time on a tank and give you atleast 2 more gallons before a rebuild....not to even say 10 or 15% nitro will run you 12-15 dollars a gallon! thats sounds alot better then 30.00 huh? and the last thing about this motor! you know its a must to keep a motor clean! as dirt will rasie running temps! this motor! REALLY REALLY REALLY MUST BE CLEAN!!! a dirty motor will have a hard time running at fair temps! i tested it out on this motor...with the case really dirty it had to be run very rich to keep the temps at about 200 I mean so rich that it had no power....clean the motor off and it tunes just like normal...its a hot motor and very well worth the 170 bucks it last very good! if running 10-15% i see no problem getting 10+ gallons out of it (if tuned good and taken care of) there isnt a non moded motor of this type i have ever seen that makes power the way this thing does! and has the ease of tuning and the lasting of it...if you have 200 bucks to spend on a .12 this is the one to buy...if you have a 100.00 buy that jammin .12 it makes plenty of power too and its smooth but doesnt last as good as this one and doesnt tune as easy and last doesnt make power everywhere like this motor does....but still a hell of an awesome motor for 100 bucks! HOPE THIS HELPS! TAKE CARE.)