Novak Premium Ballistic Spec Racing Brushless Motor (13.5T)

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This is the Novak Premium Ballistic Spec 13.5 Turn Racing Brushless Motor. Have you always wanted to know what it would be like to have the same motor that a factory pro driver uses? Are you curious what the difference really is between a full option motor compared to a standard motor? Have you searched the forums and hunted for parts to build the ideal motor? Look no more. Novak’s new Premium Ballistic Spec Brushless Motors are built to meet the racing pro’s needs, yet are available to pros and non-pros alike so that the seasoned racer and the average enthusiast can experience Novak’s top-of-the-line brushless motor that meets serious racing needs!

Premium Spec Ballistic Motors feature all of Novak's most sought after components. These premium parts have been used by top racers to ensure they are getting the absolute best performance out of their motor. From the red wire stator, to the vented end bells with ceramic bearings, these motors hold nothing back! It has become apparent that racers are pushing the limits of their equipment more than ever and Novak’s Premium Spec Brushless Motors are the next step in full-featured, high-end race readiness.


The combination of the highest quality components ensure that nothing is left on the table. Drivers are getting everything from these Premium Ballistic Spec motors, at all times. Racers know that power is everything. The vented end bells allow you to push the motors harder with less chance of overheating, and the ceramic bearings add efficiency to your motor's basic operation and are designed as long lasting durable bearings. What would a top-of-the-line motor be without red wire? The red wire stators are one of Novak's most coveted items, and are used in the Premium Ballistic Spec brushless motor.

Like all Novak Ballistic brushless motors, these motors are completely rebuildable. At the track, service and repairs are a snap and will get you back to turning laps right away. Replaceable sensor harness, replaceable rotor, replaceable sensor board, replaceable stator, replaceable end bells and bearings--you name it. If the motor has it, you can pick up the spare part and be back in action in no time!

Serious competitors search for the advantage, and the search for the best motor ends at Novak with the new Premium Ballistic Spec Brushless Motors. Coming soon to the top of the podium!


  • Include premium components used by top-level factory team drivers
  • Vented end bells for cooler operating motor temperatures resulting in faster speeds and longer run-times
  • Ceramic bearings improve motors efficiency and include high-performance, durable Si3N4 ceramic balls
  • Red Wire Stator hand-wound in California by highly-trained motor technicians to provide serious racers top performance
  • Sensor-based system for excellent torque and low-speed driveability
  • Rebuildable design with replaceable sensor harness, rotor, sensor board, hand-wound stator, sleeve, both end bells, ball bearings, and hardware
  • Adjustable motor timing to allow fine tuning of motor feel and power band
  • Removable shielded sensor harness plugs into a silicone-sealed gasket to keep dirt and debris from damaging the motor’s sensor plug, and keeps your sensor harness secure
  • Oversized front bearing [1/2” x 3/16” (12.7 x 4.8mm)] for increased load handling and bearing life
  • Nickel-plated, 12.3mm sintered Neodymium rotor with a 0.125” pinion shaft that accepts all existing pinion gears
  • Designed to meet ROAR specifications
  • Carries Team Novak’s commitment to excellent quality, support and warranty (120 days)
  • Designed and manufactured by Team Novak in Irvine, California using the best components from around the globe. All brushless motors are 100% tested to ensure your product works right out of the box and on the track!

Motor Size: 2.07x1.41" (52.6x35.8mm)
Motor Weight: 6.3oz (179.6g)
Shaft Diameter: 0.125"
kV (unloaded): 3,300 RPM/Volt
Watts: 195
Magnetic Material: Sintered Neodymium
Design: Sensored
Stator Insert Color: Orange

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Jimmie Rutherford
Thursday, Feb 6 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Novak Premium Ballistic Spec Racing Brushless Motor (13.5T)
Don't waste your money, I purchased this for my scx10 and motor was chattering so hard it sounded like the transmission was coming apart! Novak customer service is the worst I have tried to deal with. They never responded to my email and phone hours are crazy! Don't buy!!!)