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Wednesday, Dec 29 2010 (about 5 years ago)
Novak Ballistic Racing Brushless Motor (7.5T)
I've had an lrp x12 7.5, orion vortex 7.5, and a novak 7.5. I used them in my b44. Novak is the best. Orion motors get hot so fast and its not as smooth, a little loud, and not any stronger than the novak or lrp. Lrp motors are very smooth, quit, and has the most torque of these three motors. Novak is very quiet, the fastest, and stays very cool compare to the other two. Lrp is good but gets hot faster than the novak. All brushless motors are very powerful, but the x12 is just to much. I can make faster consistent lap times with the novak.